What the Hell Just Happened in the UK? Pounds, Pensions & Panic

This past week was very eventful for UK, today I cover what went down and why it’s important for investors.

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  1. The UK central bank is merely the first one to blink in the face of the pain related to fighting inflation. Federal Reserve, ECB, Bank of Japan etc will all perform the same pivot, the moment any kind of painful policy decision needs to be made, they will instantly abandon their policy of fighting inflation, and switch to inflationary moneyprinting and interest cuts.

  2. I wish that every video showing bond price charts included one simple, but pertinent point: Most investors are never required to sell their bonds. They can just hold them and take the promised interest payments. Unless there’s a default, I can choose to not care about how slick bond traders of the world assess the future competitive value of my incoming cash flow. Could someone argue that UK is on the precipice of gilt default? I suppose. I’d also be happy to bet against that.

  3. Good video. Maybe you can do a video comparing the asset allocation of pensions across countries such as the US, Canada, and the UK. From what you said it sounds like UK's pensions are mostly funded by bonds while in the US I believe private equity makes up the largest portion of their assets.

  4. The Europe Market ETF is 70% Leveraged CDO…. what can go wrong ? People needs to know that derivative are used to cover the collapse of the Key Interest Rate (FED, UK, etc.)… now the trend is reversing… so the collapse is real. Personnally, not worried, the governement pensionners will never let the governement destroy their own pension.. they will fix it with something and let the private sector take the hit

  5. Adrop or fourth five percent and other drops have no meaning unless you see th health if people as part of not purchasing excess . The transer r if say foods housing and health to people is not more but not selling cars or not travelling where you have no need to be . Say a young family is better to be where they live . Not for they to track half way across the earth , it is round my dear when their happin ss is talking to the famili s n xt doors and playing games and etc etc living . Bit quing for a what ?

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  7. If you bought £150 bn of offshore wind it could power the uk about 3 times over.

    The uk uses ~40Gw and wind power costs about £1 per watt for an installation that will last 25 years.

    The price cap policy is crazy.

  8. Didn't learn anything after 1929 not to make finance pretend it can make a "free lunch".
    Hope when the relay race is done and we're all Sri Lanka… we do learn.
    Keep banking and finance as simple as possible.
    DO NOT allow banks and finance sector to ever get anywhere near the monetary policy of a nation. Fox in the Hen house.
    Secondly, never use monetary policy to stimulate or otherwise the economy… simply use monetary policy to keep currency stable near 0% rate of inflation/deflation. Stimulant to the economy can and only should come from fiscal spending… planning needs and other investments to grow the economy… don't play debt binge games or any other funny money or over done side bets to the max pretending you're hedging against this or that… typically, you're not, you're fooling yourselves and everyone else. Very close that Big Shorters in the 2008 insanity may not have been paid out both their counter party and insurance to the counter party were effectively insolvent… in comes literally monetize the currency to pay the debts stupidity.

    All of this just hurts everyone, and the lower income quintiles the most.

    And ultimately playing these pyramid and ponzi scams just end in complete and sudden collapse.

    Keep banking and finance simple.

  9. Whats the big deal? The neolib lunatics just need another 40years to have yet another crack at it, of course the communist markets had a problem with that and the radical left and corbyn and labour generally, in fact it's really the naysayers fault, tally ho!!!!!!

  10. If you import the 3rd world your country becomes the 3rd world, it's pure logic!
    All that's left is the drive for personal wealth power and money this leads to corruption then the devils got your soul.

  11. I've invested a lot more in Danish assets. I feel security and stability is a good factor to consider these days. All my Danish stocks are in green for this year. Which can't be said for the rest of my portfolio.

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