What They All Knew – Hollywood Hypocrisy

Gina Carano getting fired proves again that Hollywood is the most hypocritical place on earth!
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Gina Carano getting removed from The Mandalorian in such an unprofessional way, proves again that Hollywood is beyond saving. Kathleen Kennedy decides to destroy one woman’s career and reputation with lies while promoting another woman who helped Harvey Weinstein. Friends with Roman Polanski. Only calls out issues when it benefits her. Now allowing Lucasfilm to abuse employees while it crashes and burns. It’s time for Kathleen Kennedy to go!

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Written by Robot Head


  1. Is Hollywood out of control? Please share as I do think this is important. The hypocrisy of Hollywood has gone too far. And remember, If you enjoyed this video throw it a like. Becoming a subscriber or sharing this video will bring fortune to your day. Cheers!

  2. Nice video, my friend. Cancel Culture is just a form of fascism. Rather ironic, since most of the morons who practice Cancel Culture claim to be against Fascism. Idiots. When only one viewpoint is tolerated, you are basically practicing fascism. And, if you step out of line, watch out! Just like the people who followed Hitler or Stalin. Anyone want to cancel me? Bring it MFers!

  3. The greatest trick the devil pulled would be convincing people he does exist so he could be used as a bogeyman, an excuse to label anyone you disagree with as doing his work so you can persecute them too, etc.

  4. Fascism is a style of right wing totalitarian government rising from hatred of the left with an uneasy alliance with conservatives. Characteristics of a fascist movement are extreme religious fanaticism, overt racism and bigotry, anti-globalism, ultra-nationalistic, obsessed with conspiracy theories, hatred of socialism and feminism and homosexuality and communism, fear of the other, extreme tribalism, an obsession with heroism and weaponry and machismo and violence, a collection of pseudo intellectuals complaining about liberal academia and commies, lead by a charismatic male leader in the form of an ideologically inconsistent and unprincipled opportunist who plays on emotions and fears and popular trends to further a dictatorship against the left amid popular enthusiasm due to ineffectual liberal governance and gridlock.
    The comparison of the trump movement and fascists is not unwarranted

  5. Gina wasn't concerned about the election in the sense that ours is worse then most countries. She was fear mongering about voter mail fraud which is below a single percent. And her anti-mask comments aren't excused by quack doctors doing the same.

  6. They don't like that she doesn't think like them is weird way to say they don't like that she's transphobic. I hate SJWs and maybe the beep boop could be explained away as being annoyed by people wanting her to giver her pronouns. But the her response was utterly stupid and she went on one of the most racist, homophobic, conspiracy theory spouting, etc platforms to give her response so she's done the opposite of convincing me she isn't slightly bigoted.

  7. I've never understood this obsession people have with cancel culture. What do you want, to force people to buy from a company they don't like, to force them to agree with someone, etc? Its also funny because those same people harp on about the free market system being perfect but then complain when people choose not to buy or follow them.

  8. Robot Head's talk of Roman Polanski being a child rapist is merely a certain point of view. The 'girl' was nearly 14 years old. The age of consent in some parts of the western world is only 13. So the female in question was only a child from a legal perspective in certain countries, not all. Moreover, Polanski was never convicted of rape so calling him a rapist here is slander. The 'victim' agreed to a plea bargain and dropped 5 of the 6 charges made against Polanski (including rape) – the remaining charge being unlawful sex with a minor i.e. consentual but illegal i.e. NOT rape. Polanski then fled the country and never faced his sentencing trial; any time behind bars that he might have received had already been served so he basically only avoided some probation. Other accusations have been made against him but nothing has come of these (and one high profile one was destroyed by independent journlists who proved it to be false).
    Polanski could sue Robot Head for this video.

  9. Is it possible for a like to be removed?
    I came back to share this with a friend and saw it no longer had my thumbs up..

    ..I know that it's not being publicised by the algorithm, but.. are our likes truly, digitally removable? ?