What Tik Tok Is Doing To Young Girls… Is Just The Beginning!

Host: Luke

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. I got a 6mo. FB jail sentence for posting how apple put covid trackers on iPhone owners phone w/o permission or warning 2+ years ago, how to find and remove them… There's evidence now as to why

  2. Elon Musk is being blocked because he is in several lawsuits over using Tweets to manipulate stocks, where he tells you to buy Dogecoin and then dumps right after. Elon has disrupted the market several times in a very Illegal way that effected normal peoples entire accounts getting wiped out. Most people think Elon is a good guy, but its his followers that got swindled.
    Dont EVER take Elons financial advice because he is straight up manipulating the public and then backstabs you almost immediately after tweeting it.

  3. Many are claiming this big busted shop teacher is some genius playing 4D chess. To them I say you’re wrong and missing a few key details:
    -This guy started identifying as a woman a full year ago.
    -He literally has the “boy love” P swirl symbol displayed in his classroom.

    Funny enough TIM POOL of all people is seemingly the only one who has pointed these things out.

  4. Thanks for all the great video's, Luke, well appreciated man, them 'Daredevils' on that subway train didn't appear to have a care in the world, until they fall off, and break their necks in the process, maybe some crazy people need to learn lessons the hard way! i guess they had been listening to AC/DC's track 'Runaway Train' 🙂

  5. I want to check out the Chinese version. I refuse to use the American version. Have only used it once, when there was a link to a tiktok vid on twitter. It was a doctor speaking out about the jab

  6. This country is finished, we have fell to far down moral conduct we now accept as normal. So get ready fir a huge event coming quickly maybe next week??? May Yahushua bless you all!!!!! APTTMH!!!!!

  7. Nah man, all this TikTok stuff is just attention seeking. That woodwork teacher wouldve lived a fairly anonymous life 30 years ago, now, a a massive pair of fake tits and its FAME. They know cameras are in everyones hands now, they have a vehicle to escape mundanity and be somebody else – even if that alter ego is a rubber breasted freaktard, it's all about the attention, the me me me.

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