What Tony Blair Just Admitted Should Shake Everyone to the CORE!!

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  1. Sadly, Brian the sheep outnumber the awake and informed as evidenced by the long lines of sheep waiting in self-checkouts while traditional checker lanes remain open and available.

  2. You CAN get into DC Whole Foods WITHOUT a QR code. Those entrances are for those who do not want to use a cashier to buy their food. There is a separate entrance for those who buy their items that old way.

  3. I submit, the only way to get the cops back in line is to, at every chance possible, SUE THE HELL OUT OF THE TAXPAYER. THEY ARE DIRECTLY RESPONCIBLE FOR THE WAY THE COPS ACT. When the Taxpayers have paid out a few 100's of millions of dollars in Civil Rights Lawsuits they will take back the power they use to have by voting into office the correct Law Enforcement people. As long as the criminals are in charge, they will run roughshod over the people that pay their salaries. The cops must have higher IQ's than your common IDIOT which is exactly what they are. Average IQ for the avg. cop is 95-110. Average IQ for avg. Citizen is 108-120. Any Questions?

    The Washington Post printed and it's a FACT that 880 people were Killed BY Law Enforcement in the last year and 700 plus the year before. Any and ALL law enforcement are LIARS, CHEATERS, and THEIVES. They are Taxpayer expense Trained, Taxpayer expense equipped, and I mean everything, Taxpayer Paid SERIAL MURDERERS, and the US Supreme Court has given them permission to Lie, cheat and steal from the Taxpayer. Ya'no what else, They KILL TAXPAYERS with Taxpayer expense BULLETS.

    There are no GOOD COPS and here's why. If there was a good cop and he saw or was part of criminal activity within the dept and he didn't say or report what he saw or did then he is a BAD, DIRTY LOW DOWN POS COP. If he did/ does report that activity, then he will immediately be labeled a RAT BASTARD and there will be a TARGET on his back. The word will spread like a wild fire thru the dept. and the rogue cops will kill him and he will be a DEAD GOOD COP. You've seen it before but not very often. ALL the BAD COPS come to his Funeral and they make speeches about how good he was. The Same thing happens when a BAD COP gets killed for whatever reason. ALL the BAD COPS SHOW UP and it's a big party and a parade just to see a BAD COP get what he really deserves. DEATH. You must remember the thousands of people's lives these cops have ruined. Every single Taxpayer Paid employee is nothing more than a WELFARE RECIPIENT SUCKIN' ON THE TAXPAYERS DI(C)K.


  4. Since Tony is playing honest and penitent now, can he get Julian Assange free?
    After all, Julian went down as an evil counterbalance to sell you all as valid and heroic.
    There was George W in a jump suit with the "Mission Accomplished" banner, the Scud Stud and MANLY Anderson Cooper dodging rubble vs the wicked reporter of truth.
    Murderous politicians make speeches about getting it wrong at elite dinners while people are dead and journalists rot in prison.

  5. Read the book of Revelation.. or I guess some people don’t want to put two and two together, or they just aren’t able to put two and two together…. But in this age of technology, things are only going to get worse… there’s NO president gonna save you

  6. Oh I bet before joe bidens time is done he will start a new tax on the air you breath or carbon dioxide we release why not a burp tax fast tax poop and pee tax a tax for someone who criticizes taxes a tax for the number of taxes your taxed to tax tax tax

  7. No cash no business if I go to a business and they don't accept cash whether I have cash in my pocket or not no business I will do no business with businesses that polish kind of s*** f*** them in their reset

  8. You know that’s what I’m thinking yeah they’ll do this and then force people to do this because people got to eat and they know that but the government trying to kill people anyway so they figured the people like us ain’t gonna go fort well they’ll thinking well they’ll die off first then the rest the ships to be left not the lions the sheep will be here and weak then we can control the sheep‘s but we can’t do that until the Lions are gone and I’m talking about lions they’re going to get people out of the country that’s what they’re working for everybody will be riding bikes or walking distance to the grocery stores the Sheep will follow but the lions walked are you a lion

  9. Yeah I try to explain that to my wife she does not understand it I said we get taxed with our own paycheck they take out so much to take out your own money I said and you pay taxes on gas you pay taxes on everything in life I told her my new job I’m telling them I am not paying no more taxes on my income

  10. YES, 100% Brian–boycott is the answer. Carrying on with B's theme and my bad sarcasm: Affect them in their wallets. Actions speak louder than words. And for those who think you're "special" to be "allowed" admittance….with your "special chips" and "special QR code" better do some research and think on that. Who's your daddy? Is it Father in heaven or……?
    And TB admitting he's wrong! ? 😅😁Must be really skeered bc that's something never heard. hmmm wonder what (who) the fear is?
    Sincere? Wait! "Set free & secure from evil" and there's the rub bc…not likely. Did he actually blush slightly in the apology? Maybe there's a conscience there (momentarily).Best take a picture. But at least the words were mouthed. He gets a E for Effort. And F for F u and U for Uninformed or Underwear too tight.

  11. Tony Blair had a meeting with sadam 1 year before the war, wanting to turn Iraq into a massive oil field, and he said no, the rest is history. They took him out because he didn't play ball anymore.

  12. Whole foods probably did a survey and found out that their customers are twice as vaccinated as the general population, indicating their customer base is compliant sheeple!.

  13. There Is A Reason They No Longer Teach Economics In HighSchools. Just Like They No Longer Teach Wood or Metal Shop Or Home Economics In School. They Want Us Fat, Dumb, Docile And State Reliant Because Its Waaaay Easier To Trick A Fool Than The Wise. It Absolutely Blows My Mind That Most Of The Sheep Either Can't Or Don't Want To See The Forest For The Trees They Clearly ARE!!! Maybe They Will Realize They Are Debt Slaves When They Have To Resort To Theft Just To Feed Their Families And Then The Chains Will Become Tangible Because They Did The Wrong Thing For The RIGHT Reason!?¿?! I Mean, Every Time I Go To The Grocery Store Or Put Gas In The Car The Price Has Risen. Here Soon Most Will NOT Be Able To Feed Their Children At This Rate!! They Are Quite Literally PRICING US OUT OF EXISTENCE!!! We ALL Better WAKE UP, WISE UP & RISE UP Before Its Too Late!!! #EnoughIsEnough 🙈🙉🙊🤔🤔🤔💩🤥🤡🤡👹🐐🐐🐐🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑😱🙀🙀🙀😿😿😿🤯😤😡

  14. I heard an interview with a top member of British Intel. , he stated that the last paragraph of the speech give by Tony B'liar in parliament that mentioned weapons of mass destruction being able to be deployed in 45 minutes , with the ability to reach Europe was NOT written by the intel. , but rather came from the gov .

  15. Scooter Libbey cabal was setup by Trump circle of trust 2000.

    Neoconservative = invented by 45biff

    45 is not Christian center.
    He is ZOG.

    Rhambo didn't challenge Biff45, Arizona was MAGA, Perino and Latin Bush, ….

    NeoCon jobs.
    Bush lite = MAGA

  16. Tax cuts for "Billionaires" is a SMOKE SCREEN. It makes NO DIFFERENCE whether Billionaires taxes go UP or DOWN. They have structured their lives so they pay Relatively Nothing is Taxes. You can Structure YOUR LIFE so you are taxed like them. We ALL have the SAME RULES. Most people have NOT READ the RULE BOOK.

  17. Mr.Bitch and Moan
    Someone anyone
    How about we start discussing what we are going to do about all this crap going on instead of just complaining about it
    Action is what is needed ASAP
    Suggestions anyone
    I have one how about an armed March on Washington and Ottawa
    We need to start demanding Real Justice and Accountability

  18. It’s even worse that that

    WMDs were there.
    They used them on the Kurds .

    But Saddam wanted to clear oil trades in local currency.

    Then like an idiot he invaded Kuwait. All the reason we needed to stop him.

    He was personally fighting the endless Iran war for us. We made a ton of dough in that.

  19. Yeah let’s tax everyone but the billionaires!!! Do you hear yourself? Are all men created equal except billionaires?
    It’s funny how people including Greg don’t understand inherent intrinsic and natural as opposed to man made.

    ALL money, including gold and silver is Religion. Commerce is a religion. By definition. Hermes/Mercury/Thoth/Odin is the god of money and commerce or in other words merchant sorcery.
    Greg has gone about 1/4 of the way when it comes to finding the truth.

  20. The answer to businesses that are employing robots and not accepting cash and whatnot is to not give them a single penny. But everyone needs to hit them with it all at the same time. The people that think “oh wow this is so cool! How convenient for me now that I can do this cool new thing! (That makes someone not have a job)” need to fall in line with the people with brains on this one.

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