What We Know About the Case of Ray Epps Reveals A LOT About the FBI’s Involvement in Jan. 6

The mystery of Ray Epps, who is seen on video egging January 6 protesters into the Capitol, and yet has never been arrested or charged, might help resolve the degree of FBI involvement in inciting the events of that day.

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. You can also ID them- they look like a caricature of how a Democrat would imagine them– maybe someone wearing a "camp Auschwitz" shirt. That person was a plant. Or a fat bald guy with a red shirt and hat emblazoned with "will work for beer" or something equally ridiculous on it.

  2. Great video Dinesh! Everybody needs to see the article from revolver news! The swamp and corruption is so deep! Definitely a wake up call for all of us. Keep up the great work!

  3. Dinesh I've always loved your talks. Your perspective, delivery, quality of information as it pertains to truth and relevance. Your channel is underated. I believe a simple shift in your studio setup would help alot. Something about the lighting and background here throws me off. And it makes me watch less. Strange reason to watch less I know.

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