What Went Wrong For Us In China?

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Written by Prozzie


  1. Another comedy video for laughs. Wah Wah Wah Cry Cry Cry…..BOO HOO! Don't go there in the 1st place then, no 1 forced you too. You go and you complain, thats weak and pathetic!

  2. China Law works well. Break the Law in America it is not a problem. That’s why we have so much Crime in the United States besides our people burning down our cities. Good Luck & Be safe in your Democratic Country.

  3. 你说你不喜欢中国我相信,我也不喜欢很多国家。但正常人不喜欢的话直接离开就行了,这个人是建个YouTube channel,天天挑刺中国。你要说他没有收反华组织的钱,老子打死不信

  4. what? I don't know anything about Inner Mongolia. There's been so much focus on Xinjiang, Tibet, flooding, etc. that I didn't even think that there could be yet another issue going on. How much money is the CCP and the PLA spending to suppress these people and issues?

  5. Man Prozzie, you sound like you were just being willfully ignorant about what was going on while C-Milk and Winston were like fuck this shit I am out. If you can't read the writing on the wall in this kind of situation you basically invite disaster. The fact that you discounted their warning after having government officials literally interrogate them is stupid as hell.

  6. You guys were so smart to leave China then. If you guys didn't leave then, You guys would have your organs harvested for sale on the Internet now.

  7. You're on your way dude. Don't be so self-deprecating, dog. You're definitely funnier than C-Milk and Serpentza. Keep being a shithead. It's your appeal. And chill out with he V-necks, homie.

  8. Prozzie check it!

    Serpentza created a video titled "How Hong Kong was destroyed"

    Serpentza did not deliver a speech to the protesters at the 7:45 minute marker of this video. At the end of his FAKE speech to the people there was an applause sound but none of the protesters were actually clapping their hands.

    Serpentza is a liar again.

  9. I really feel like this video is disingenuous, for YEARS SerpentZa and C-Milk sang the praises of the CCCP for years, now they demonize them… ???
    I'm waiting for SerpentZa to flee America and then shit us later also honestly…. If he thought South Africa was so dangerous, let him wander around Portland or Seattle with a Trump hat for 1 day.

    Civil war is coming to America, don't BS yourselves… So no, Hong Kong is the least of my worries atm….. I have un-subbed from both of their channels, and this channel is now borderline. The audience that you inherited from your association with them, my now be a liability.

    I still believe that you have twice the integrity of both of them put together, so you won't abandon them even after pretty much everyone else kinda got the memo already. It's just as dangerous for anyone still in China to have anything to do with them now that they've become so toxic.

    Most reasonable people DON'T wanted to hear from people that change their entire principles depending on their physical location. I lived in China for a few years also, so I get it ok. However, If you don't have anything good to say, why lie???? Just remain silent.

    Because they either lie now, or they lied then, because ~ they both can't be true. So, what kind of narcissistic shit is that??? The need to feel so important to voice yourself and be heard, but obviously since it would get you deported, just lie then??? That's some twisted rational at best, at worst, it's treacherous and deceitful. Perhaps I didn't articulate that properly. Probably because I'm frustrated just looking at them now.

    And SerpentZA explaining America to Americans ~ is ridiculous. Or for him explaining China now, voicing ideas that contradict what he said for a DECADES??? He has lost all credibility!!! Unless you argue the contrary, thus validating my previous supposition. They should have stuck with teaching English perhaps, they were, and are, clearly out of their depth….

    I argued on behalf of SerpentZA countless times with Chinese people in China, vouching for his integrity and character, thanks for making me a liar.

  10. 其实你讨厌这个国家,那么你一开始就是带着不好的念头来的,那么你就会遭受这个国家的法治,你或许来的时候看了太多外国人夸中国的视频,但是请搞清楚,你要是老实的生活,你在大陆的生活会很精彩,但是你又危险动作,那么我告诉你,枪毙是最低标准,在我们国家被枪毙的毒枭 恐怖分子 擅闯机密之地的绝对不是一个两个,怎么说呢,你所谓的蒙古暴乱或者新疆,如果你带着先入为主的念头,新疆就是混乱的,但是你就是来看看的话,相信我,你不会发这个视频。毕竟擅闯51区的话美国政府对待人的态度会更加恶劣,在下面评论的很多是台湾地区的人,你信不信在你,他们几乎就是靠着文字了解大陆,甚至故意去屏蔽夸奖中国的话,祝你好运吧

  11. Prozzie can you go visit them in California?
    Then we can have a Taiwan vs. Cali video. I've often heard that topic from my Taiwanese friends in the UK. Apparently many Taiwanese will still choose Taiwan (over Silicon Valley) despite the lower salary.

  12. lol
    What a great ad. for Nord VPN. Shock to see their ad. on youtube
    btw I'm a royally user of them. It's very useful for mobile games which lock for only local ip

  13. Nah, the worst that could happen to Prozzie if you had stayed in china is probably sharing the fate of Ye Jianhui and Xu Weihong . By the way, I saw Nord VPN logo twice with a commercial interlude in between.

  14. 哈哈哈中国变成北韩好恐怖啊老拽几年搞就变成北韩化。再搞几年就变成希特勒恭喜老拽哥赔尔指日可代。哈哈哈老拽脸皮都不要。

  15. 他自己都说了即使再留一年也不会有任何问题。Well, it's hard to explain and convince you but seeing you talk about danger living in China is funny to me.