What will happen to House Prices after the Election?

#Housing #AusPOL #Election2022
What will happen to Housing after the election?


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  1. Like every politician after an election… SWEET FOOCK ALL 🤣

    Heise your point about everyone being lazy with uber is spot on! 👍

    Labor, Liberals and green isn't winning any votes this election or offering anything we want.

    This country has no real control to do anything to make life better and affordable for you because its all controlled and effected by what happens with other forign countries.

    Makes you wonder though if everyone voted for weird independent and weird minor parties bring hell of a disfunctional mess in Parliament house without needed to protest about it wouldn't it be more productive or more entertaining to watch each day on ABC.

    Seriously are so behind in manufacturing, technology and skills in this country and we keep drinking the spiked punchbowl that we're forgetting how much the country has declined.

    What i can see happening is a massive influx of immigration after election.

  2. I was always told you make money when you buy a house not when you sell it.

    FOMO buyers got the self into there financial problems because of when they bought .

    "Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful."

    Thanks Warren

  3. It appears that Labor has learned from the last election loss.
    The problem seems to be that Aussies ALL think they will be rich. Therefore they support policies which only benefit the wealthy.
    One thing that could ease prices, is more investment in social housing. Which I think Labor will do. But Labor will need to last more than one term.

  4. I don't think Brisbane will last much longer.
    It's actually getting quite expensive.
    At some point, someone from Sydney or Melbourne will come to BNE to look around, and think, hmmm, it's not worth me moving up.

  5. Vote should not be compulsory
    Australia give us freedom of religion…and compulsory vote government must erase one
    If a religion says members should not mix in politics….whats wrong?

  6. I'm looking forward to when Labor wins the 2022 Federal Election next month, Australia needs a good dose of reality. Bring it on, remember the recession we had to have in the 1990's !! As a licensed Tradie, I lost my job three times in under 5 years, with 3 months out of work each time. Got to love it. 🤣

  7. Property bulls will chant if wages go up and FHBers conditions made better pushes house prices up . This is true but makes minimal difference. Wages generally only go up in very small percentages. To keep a housing market going you need momentum in capital gains. But even with that , eventually the household can’t take on anymore debt and housing slows. Like 2018 to the start of the pandemic. Pre 2018 the Chinese government put a stop to the flow of money in large volumes leaving the country and after that local investors soon got tapped out and maxed there debt load. This is generally the time central banks step in and drop interest rates. This allows borrowers to borrow even more. That’s why australia has the largest household debt in the world. The pandemic put borrowing on steroids. So the future does not look good. Debt has been allowed to go to eye watering levels by crashing interest rates. With interest rates put back to normal levels mean house prices are miles to high. The only ways house prices can stay at current levels is wages would need to increase massively in one or two years because house prices will probably crash in that time. Or debt would need to be payed of very fast which or also unlikely because people don’t generally pay that much per month off there principal and interest rates and inflation is increasing. Central banks need to reset which is exactly what they’ll do so house prices will reset as well. Remember what I said to begin with. Housing cant go flat if interest rates go flat. For the last 20 or 30 years interest rates have gone down. Whenever interest rates go down house prices and debt increases. Till they can’t take on any more debt. Repeat repeat. To the central bank hits zero. Guess where we are now. Australia and nz are about to carry on from 2019, where there housing market were slowing. But the pandemic has made it a lot worse. Even lower interest rates, higher debt, high inflation, and central banks not being there to help, actually the opposite, central banks will be making it worse

  8. The dump is inevitable, regardless of the election outcome. Although it is perfect timing with a change of government, it will be the other sides fault. Anyone spruking these outrageous house prices always fails to mention the Mortgage Holidays? How was this ever allowed to be legal when prices were rising at such a rate? Basic theft.

    Anyone with half a brain can see how rigged the Australian property market has been, but now the monster that is inflation is knocking down the door and it can no longer be ignored.

  9. Election are a show for the stupid masses, to make them think that they have some influence, which they don't. Money makes the world go round, not elections. It's like pick and choose at McD – you will always get fast food in the end.

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