What will Trump do?

If there were massive election fraud, what will Trump do with the evidence?

Written by Thomas Wictor


  1. The Democratic Party would not be destroyed. Clinton, Comey, Mcabe, and Strzok are walking free while Flynn is still in court. It’s personal with Dems- they feel justified in breaking the law since conservatives are evil. Uncovering fraud will not change the Dem’s minds.

  2. I have extreme doubts that anything will come if it.
    Even if all is revealed and exposed. Too many brain washed people who wouldn't believe, I see them every day. Even now celebrations of Bidens Presidential win based on nothing confirmed as yet, so they won't give up no matter what. It's going to get ugly. Uglier.

  3. We need it all released. The gov’t needs to stop only showing us what is best for us. We can’t make good decisions without all the information. I think he will release just enough, but I don’t think he’ll let them save face.

  4. Your Q, my A:
    The Snake Poem. POTUS recites that poem. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a moral lesson to #WeThePeople about blindly voting. Honestly, I felt shamed by it bc I used to blindly vote until 2016. I worked 60-70 hr a week, divorce/life/stuff, I blindly voted.
    I've changed my mind. It's not about us, has nothing to do with us.
    It's about them. THEY took the snake in even tho they knew what the snake was, the snake bites them.

    POTUS has everything. There'll be no denial or alibi. The time for deals is over. Nothing can stop what's coming.

    Edit to say I've never expected to see "big arrests", I do expect to see "state funerals after brief illness; tragic accident; blah blah blah. Military tribunals aren't public & neither is the completion of the imposed justice.

  5. Sorry, I understand the point of your question now, and I expect Trump to lay waste to it all, not out of petty 'revenge' as they would accuse him but in effort to reset American society. Not, 'in his image' ( The insulters are way too simplistic, he has an extremely strong sense of morality/ethics in my opinion and they miss the motives entirely ) but akin to his perceived concept of all the benefits and safeguards the Founding Fathers tried to set in motion. The picture is so horribly corrupt I can't imagine Him allowing them ANY leeway and if true, good on Him. I don't see how any lasting good can proliferate unless He goes full tilt destruction on defeating them by revelation of misdeeds.

  6. I think the Dems need to be destroyed in their current form so that they or another party can rebuild from their ashes. I think Trump will have already game planned a new system that is secure so yes they can release it all, demonstrate how rotten everything was, and then put in place something better so people will have confidence in the system. They dont have confidence now – i think it would tear the country apart further if the truth is not put out there for everyone to see.

  7. [hypothetically]
    I would love to see all the evidence and have the corruption exposed to all. Truth feels preferable despite the consequences.
    But that is a gut feeling. I don't know. I hope those with their finger on the button do.

  8. I don't know what he will do, but I believe that a lot of people have already gotten passes, politicians, top executives, etc. I hope these were the people whose crimes were not against humanity or were coerced. Hang the sinners!

  9. Keep the evidence for court. Let the truth come out after the tested testimony is heard in court. Then expose the evil in a an open public televised court for the world to see.

  10. In short only enough evidence to show the devastating reality I paint below. That will be all we need to know.
    Trump trained his followers well. Right now it is our education phase. We are all educating ourselves about voter fraud, election fraud, how vote totals can be changed etc. But what is the exit plan for this gordian knot…?

    I believe this is it – We are living through a movie or a book, god the drama of the last 4 years as if it wasn't enough, now this…It certainly has all the hallmarks of a climax or crescendo…bare with me here… Q has repeatedly stated "they will not be able to walk the streets". My circle has chewed this over and over. Is it pedophilia, adrenochrome, cannibilism, satanism?. NOTHING RANG TRUE. But this week it suddenly all made sense.

    What about if is proven irrefutably that the real Democrat vote is low, like shockingly low. I don't know a figure that would do it but let's say it's 27% of the total vote vs Trumps 67%. The media has lied from day 1 ok we already knew they lie. But Trump needed them to declare Biden the winner and for them to perform their little victory rituals and sickening displays of self congratulation. Plus the added bonus that we get to see the bitter nasty revenge they intend inflicting on Trump anyone who worked for him his voters even. Shit that's what just happened.

    So at some point the "hammer" drops, somehow their total vote is revealed and the world understands they were in the process of stealing away Government, negating the legal ballots of Americans knowing all along it was based on a lie. In my mind at least that truth will be so devastating it will close the book on many issues and narratives a bit like your babysitter in the middle of a chapter slamming the fairy tale book closed with "THE END". It will anger the majority of people that these fuckers who've lorded over us with their SJW BS and virtue signalling, calling us all racists, are a FUCKING MINORITY. It will likely anger actual Democrat voters that they too have been lied too and now look, they are outnumbered 3 or 4 to one by the people they've been encouraged to oppress. It's a glorious ending!

    We know it always gonna be hard to nail the big faces with crimes. But doesn't this work perfectly? They are tarred with brush of traitor and thief, they won't be able to walk the streets. They will be so disenfranchised any normal American would deride them.
    Of course actual hands on fraud people are jailed, the big names and faces are villified, the media is destroyed and the people largely turn their back on those brands. Maybe Trump will allow a couple of media brands to pull back from the abyss…thoughts?

  11. Can somebody PLEASE answer me this: WHY???… for HEAVENS SAKE.. does Big Tech support the very presidential candidate that wants to raise the corporate tax that Trump lowered for them?

  12. I think Trump will release it. Can you imagine how pissed he is?
    Democrats and RINOs are sentient beings. They are not ants. They have agency. There are consequences for wrongdoings, yes? Giving them a pass on what they've done over decades has very nearly destroyed this country. Yes, I think it is best that Mr. Trump holds them accountable. ALL of them. Politicians, media, donors, private companies, public companies. All of them. In a public way. They've been screwing with people all over the world, not just us. If he does it, maybe it'll give the world the courage to dump their cronies, too. WE THE PEOPLE, dammit! ALL THE PEOPLE! Will it be a shit show? Of course! I don't care. We'll just have to put on our big boy pants and deal with it.

  13. Release it all, mass arrest the deep state from high up to the lowest of the low! Then remake our voting system. Technology is here so we all can vote on every bill ourselves as long as its fool proof. Really we dont need most of our gov officials anymore, times have changed. But gov officials left will do it with cap salaries, no bonus or book deals during their service to our country, its a privilege not a job. If theyre found being corrupt, instant jail time. Hold them accountable for the millions of lives they will represent. Enough of the old guard greedy politicians. Its time for global humanity and gesara and nesara asap. Lets all live not being slaves to the system!

  14. Trump is lovable Toto from the wizard of oz, he Pulled back the curtain when he won 2016. Once that curtain was pulled, the light bought forth the corrupted demons lurking in the shadows. The corrupted players came out in the light realizing they wouldn't be held accountable. The last 4 years, we the people have got to witness, the corruption in our Gov't agencies & Intel community. We the people deserve the truth, we are the Gov't, we pay taxes, we expect those that are corrupt to be arrested or at least taken to trial! The corrupted coup shouldn't be allowed to work in any federal agency. We the people deserve better, and transparency. If we don't get real facts, our republic is over for good. Corruption will dictate