What would it look like if an enemy wanted to defeat America from within? (from Livestream Q&A #126)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #126 (originally streamed live on May 07, 2022):


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  1. I wanna say that I haven't seen any notifications from this channel in months.. however, my comment is probably shadowbanned as well.

  2. Yuri Bezmenev described exactly that back in the seventies. By spreading communism in the schools and universities. The long march through the institutions, it is called.
    The second one was the revolution in the Vatican around 1972, called Vaticanum 2, where tgey took catholicic identity out of catholicism and that caused the rise of atheism.
    And then there was the invention of the birth control pill that gave us the Sexual Revolution, destroying the Family.
    And then there was Welfare but only for single mothers, while you out the young fathers in prison. That killed the black community.
    Everything the Left has done for the past half a century has destroyed Western society.
    And then the financial crises caused by the Right. Oh Left and Right really worked together. Starting with the Fed and then Bretton Woods and then Nixon leaving the Gold Standard and ofcourse the Petro dollar.
    It was suicide, really. From all sides. But the people just wanted to have fun. Our parents had fun and our children are paying the price.

  3. Let me add a couple important things… you could permit and provoke violent lawlessness while simultaneously threatening to remove peoples rights to own weapons with which they could defend themselves.

    You could lie about peoples character and besmirch them while simultaneously denying them access to platforms upon which they could defend themselves or even fire them or get them fired when they do.

    You could watch as significant irregularities in an important presidential election occur and, because you’re satisfied with the outcome, refuse to look into the irregularities while simultaneously denying that they exist and throughout the entire process you could call the people who are concerned racists… all this knowing full well that you wouldn’t have stood for the slightest of these offenses were they seemingly perpetrated in a way that did not lead to an outcome you enjoyed.

    You could fill the information landscape with lies and deception and then, when something true is actually reported but when it is doubted because of all the lies and deception, you could malign the person that doubts it for not trusting the people who report it.

  4. Here’s an important one that I forgot… You could direct law enforcement to call genuine parental outrage at the misconduct of the school administration and teachers… to call this outrage white supremacy and terrorism well seemingly ignoring or justifying other genuine acts of terrorism on our border and in the inner cities.

  5. They would do exactly what has been happening since 911 the deep state 100 percent behind covid and 911 and everything in between the federal reserve is financing the destruction of our economy by pumping trillions of dollars into the stock market creating massive inflation and leaving them in complete control of everything

  6. Oh my dears Heather and Bret… I love it so when your humor comes out like this…. Never argue with someone 10 times smarter than yourself! 🤣🤣🤣 Oh how the crazies wish both of you forgot about your integrity!!!

  7. First get someone who is embedded in the deep state, say like Hillary Clinton, to lie and tell us Trump is in bed w Putin, then create the phenomenon called "Trump Derangement Syndrome". Then get the media (Rachel Maddow to start with) to scream about this every night. Then get the FBI on board with the lie. Then continue to "investigate" the "crime" in full view of the media and continue to lie. Then gradually divide the country into 2 halves who hate each other. After that, anything goes, because everyone hates the other side. Create a Frankenstein virus and a deadly vaccine, lock down all the world, destroy economies of the world, obliterate small businesses and hand that market to the big box stores and Amazon, continue hating Putin, Instigate a war with Putin. Then censor the half that knows what's going on. Hmmm.. then you could… say start WWIII to steal the last of the National Treasury… That ought to do it. The medical industrial complex headed by WHO is of course going to become the new Global authority backed by the corporate Western Military. That would pretty much decimate the US of A. And it seems to be working.

  8. “The False Principle of Our Education “, Max Stirner, 1842 children already under the thumb of pre-Marx communists in ‘public ‘ schools. Nothing new under the sun. “No Treason: the Constitution of no Authority “, 1,2, and 6, Lysander Spooner,1867-1870 has “ secret ballot- vote- equals a secret government.” American politics same as the rest of the world. Wakey,wakey.

  9. We are surrounded by demons in skin suits. Some of them are obvious and some of them look really normal. You will know them by their acts. They have convinced a lot of 'useful idiots' to help them create chaos.

  10. You could convince 330M people that they were all about to die from a bogeyman virus, thereby convincing them to shut down their lives and businesses, thereby wrecking the economy, thereby enabling the government to go on a spending spree, thereby causing massive inflation and citizen discontent. Oh wait, that's been tried already.

  11. Ignore the Q cycle and the fact that it is run with a biochemical molecule that can be disrupted with one of many new chemicals in our food. Noting that the Q Cycle is critical to all cellular function.

  12. it's almost like whoever controls the media and the commodity of "perception" pushes all of these ideas….now is there any particular group we can think of with the access, resources, motive, and long history of deception, who could be behind it all?

  13. I’m in NZ and have been watching what’s happening in the US. I will say it out loud as no one in the comments is. It’s the Democratic Party is the enemy within. You voted for them so suck it up cupcakes.

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