Whatever They Decide These UFOs Are, The Answer Will Be More US Militarism

US war planes have shot down three unidentified objects in North American airspace over the last three days, which is entirely without precedent.

On Sunday an octagon-shaped object was reportedly shot down over Lake Huron near the Canadian border after first being detected some 1,300 miles away over Montana on Saturday night. On Saturday a cylindrical object was reportedly shot down over Canada’s Yukon territory by an American F-22, and on Friday an object “about the size of a small car” was reportedly shot down after being detected over Alaska.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. 1950s US government regarding Roswell NM: "Please remain calm. There is no reason for alarm. This was just a weather balloon"


  2. #DickCheney was the lead perpetrator of 9/11. Our own #CorruptedUSAPoliticians treasonously & traitorously attacked Americans on 9/11 to serve the #CorruptedOligarchs that buy ALL our > #CorruptedUSAPoliticians, & they are >ALL corrupted. It is IMPOSSIBLE for buildings to #Free Fall" without professionals setting charges in advance … IMPOSSIBLE … > never mind 3 in one day at the same location. There were NEVER 19 guys with plastic box cutters, … > just #CorruptedUSAPoliticians with an agenda to serve their #OligarchMasters, for their own selfish desires.

  3. United States Air Force has spent millions of dollars wasting fuel and resources to shoot down 3 harmless balloons.. What does this say that we are United against balloons that we can't do anything in Ukraine because we've run out of weapons and we're going to buy build inferior ones that we charge the taxpayers for to prolong a non winnable fight think about that for a moment we were in Afghanistan for 20 years killing people the only ones who won were those who got paid for 20 years.. We didn't do much better in Vietnam yet we have constructed an idea that we can support ourselves through war forever.. The printing press and a society that says go ahead join the military if that's what you want to do.. they pay well.. America and its government haven't organized any type of civilization other than that of corporate people using our government for their expansion. We the people have become irrelevant

  4. … If it's extraterrestrial.. We keep shooting down potential.. Decoys if we can't Behave ourselves with a balloon… What a stupid group of people. Even aliens would understand… Is our collective appropriately..

  5. Moon of Alabama are generally a bunch of cranks that cause brain damage. Including your secret crush Brian Berletic that right wing thug who supports the brutal military junta in Thailand.

  6. Its a diversion to make headlines which do not illuminate the US having conducted an act of terrorism against the German people by blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines with the assistance of Norway. . The pipelines were a joint German/Russian project built at Germany's request but opposed by the US from its announcement. NordSream 1 had been in operation for years bringing a reliable cheap source of power to German industry which in itself was a threat to the US.
    I'll keep an open mind on the balloons/UFO until presented with reliable (not US government) details. It wouldn't be the first false flag scare by the Empire. Remember Gulf Of Tonkin, Iran/Contra and WMDs. The US can't lie straight in bed.

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