What’s next for Australia? We are on the same trajectory at the moment it seems.

Last year people would’ve laughed off the possibility of Australia heading down this path as a conspiracy, now we are living in it.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. We can see also that this man who has been arrested is in fine health. He is not dying from a deadly disease. Why do people not see through this scam when it is so obvious?

  2. Horrific and shame on these cops for following orders. This proves that they’ll put you in a concentration camp if the order comes down. They’ll do ANYTHING they’re told because they have NO soul. Modern Nazis.

  3. WTF has happened!? What have we allowed!?

    This man's crime is living his life with a re-badged flu virus based off a false PCR test and he gets hounded like a terrorist or murderer by uniformed thugs and absolute dickheads dressed like him man condoms!!

    If the police showed this much effort to arrest the pedophiles in parliament Australia would be a much better place.

    The world has lost its marbles!! This is an absolute joke.

  4. If there are any certainties left in the covid drama it's that govt, medical officers, police & msm are not to be trusted. The overplay by so called health officials, the police, msm & the cheering "onlookers" is meant to increase public fear & compliance.