What’s the Deal with Hunter Biden?

JRE #1544 w/Tim Dillon:

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  1. He recieved 3.5 million from the ex mayor of mascows wife and the wire transfer of money which involved in sex trafficking thats whats going on with ol hunter.

  2. Come on Joe, lets be fair and call out both sides…
    Its funny when people talk about Hunter but ignore Ivanka getting 13 trademarks from China when her dad became president. If Ivanka can get trademarks and make money because of her father then why is it so wrong for Hunter to make some money from his dads position? Jared Kushner raked in 90 million from foreign investors after he went to work at the white house but thats ok? DJ-TJ had the RNC drop $100,000 on his book as a favor to his father, what do you think the RNC did with those copies, burn them? Why is that ok but not what Hunter did?
    Lets be honest, a large percentage of rich kids make money because of their father. What job skill does Paris Hilton have? How did she land a movie back in the day? Come on Joe, lets be fair and call out both sides…

  3. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ I really can’t believe he doesn’t know anything about this. We have even seen the bank statements… and then the China deal…. and Russian widow on top of all of it…. no matter who you’re voting for, how can people still not know???? ????

  4. Joe’s show now feels like DECAF. So tentative to voice opinion. Tiptoeing on every point. THANKS Spotify thought police .. you suck.

  5. "Is Hunter the dead one?" Well this is going to be a quality source of accurate information. Also, who cares about President's children… I guess unless they are white house advisors….

  6. Hunter knocked up a stripper and refuses to pay child support, having his child support hearing postponed until after the election. He also hooked up with Russian sex slaves.

  7. Very Odd that Joe would be so poorly versed in anything to do with Hunter Biden. Expect maybe to learn something new from a podcast , yet the podcast knows 100 times less than the guy who made the mistake of clicking on this. Spotify induced amnesia!!!~expect more of the same, JRE will be like 50 first dates in a few months

  8. So what’s up with hunter ? I heard he was a drug addicted but if we are talking about him talk about trump Menéndez brothers look alikes . It ain’t like trump doesn’t do scams either to. All rich people do shady shit.

  9. Crack and dishonorable discharge, let’s stay on topic… proceeds to talk about trumps tax returns TF WALLACE? Won’t let him talk about actual corruption instead of the guy who wrote the tax code for 47 years that trump didn’t sell our nation to take advantage of…

  10. Still waiting for the most recent Joe Rogan experience podcast about the corruption of the Trump organization,Trump family, Trump himself, so don’t get too happy about Joe’s one son being so “corrupt” he’s certainly in good company! So while were at it, let’s be sure to book plenty of guests to discuss those issues, too!! Call me what you like, but I am so sick of hearing every media outlet no matter how big or small having to be only one sided, so fucking boring… Can’t wait for this election to end, Jesus Christ! Let’s get back to the UFOs at least they seemed interesting!! Living in a country full of uneducated idiots in every corner!!

  11. Trump needs to ask these political creeps about taking bribes for their family because the media won't. Pathetic loser son gets paid millions by Russia and Ukraine.