What’s the motivation behind the Nord Stream Sabotage?

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie break down the connection of Nordstream to the narrative around overthrowing dictators.
This Episode Was Recorded on 10.3.22

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Written by Dave Smith


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  1. I have a friend in the Czech Republic and I went and visited there a few weeks ago and you can tell they’re worried about the energy for the winter luckily my friend lives in a holder house that also has big wood burning furnaces because even though they can get gas to warm the house right now it’s just so expensive for a lot of people it is basically not there and they don’t have it quite as bad as Germany but damn it’s gonna be a hard winter if things don’t change

  2. Explosives could have been sent down the pipes and detonated at specific places. Look up pigs (or scrapers) that are routinely sent down pipes for maintenance; one could carry a payload. The Nord Stream intelligent PIG looks pretty big and can do a lot of stuff precisely. It goes from Portovaya, Russia to Lubmin, Germany.

  3. It is not treason to aid anyone that they want to. Congress has not voted on war against any country. This war on terror is just another way to do what they want without congress. Biden said he would do it.

  4. PS the idea that the government should regulate CO's less is the dumbest idea ever. THEY ALREADY OWN OUR GOVERNMENT 100%. Yeah but they need less regulation though. You will never be in power when you have already sold out before any votes have been cast.

  5. Bro have a look at Russell Brand’s video on this. He pulled a video of Joe Biden at the start of this year literally saying that they will bring and end to the Nord Stream 2 😂 can’t make that shit up.

  6. A bit wrong on the details.

    Russia turned it off.
    Germany wanted the gas, and never did stop taking shipments.
    Russia had "technical difficulties" (BS, they just stopped the pipeline) in retaliation for Germany sticking their nose into the UKR conflict with sanctions on Russia.
    The pipeline was full of gas because you can never empty a pipeline. You need product in the pipeline, end to end, to have the pressure required to ship the product. The pipe was just closed at both ends, and full (receiver always has to close their end too if they're not receiving to keep pipe pressure).

    Was pressurized at 30bar.
    Ocean pressure at pipe's depth is only 5 bar.

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