When All Your Friends Leave You…


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  1. I bet the person writing her speeches doesn't want any credit!
    Lol this lady's an absolute joke!
    The Republicans need to impeach Biden with the 25th amendment and put her on office. That way the Democrats can't use the whole elect _______ (fill in blank) female as the first woman president ever BS.
    It's not like she can make things any worse! Let's get the identity politics out the way now! I GURANTEE THERE GOING TO TRY TO USE SOME GIMMICK TO WIN THE 2024 ELECTION! Let's help them out by getting that one out the way.

  2. No experience… really! That's worse then Obama saying his time in the public sector was
    " time behind enemy lines"
    Ok so maybe it's not worse. No matter how you look at it, the Democrats are Incompetent and should never be able to run America! Hell they shouldn't be able to run a company if any of them did the company would be bankrupt! HOW THE HELL DO THEY HAVE SO MUCH POWER!
    I'm not talking to these radical antifa lunatics, I'm talking to the working class old school democrats and independents. Your kids and grandkids futures will be alot better in an America that doesn't represent China or North Korea.
    I get voting for them back in the day, I was one who did, this just aren't even close to what they use to be.

  3. She had a speech writer but has chosen to make shit up like Biden , for the democrats it’s easier to lie than tell the truth . No educated individual would have written anything this hooker has said to the American people . Megan left because she did not follow the speeches she wrote .

  4. Kamala Harris is an utter fool !
    She has no talent, ability, skill, competence in anything
    She doesn't understand what 'inflation' is. Seriously, she really has no idea what it means
    She is there purely because of what she looks like. So embarrassing
    Future generations will laugh at her, but right now she isn't funny

  5. Speechwriter: "Only cackle if the teleprompter tells you to cackle, and the teleprompter will NEVER tell you to cackle. So stop CACKLING!! You sound like a Disney villain!"
    Kamala: "Of course. Make's perfect sense. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"
    Speechwriter: "I quit."

  6. I think we ALL can agree that it's ABSOLUTE BS that this Woman will be written into history as the "First Female VP"!! I think of all of the Women out there that are 100x better than Kamala (on so many levels)!! Women who truly and respectfully DESERVED to be written into the history books!! It's heartbreaking when you really think about it!!

  7. A speech writer, she must be as thick as a thick thingy, you know a thick , thick thingy. And if she's as thick as a thick thingy and things are thick then she must be thick end of conscript, repeat .

  8. Deep thoughts, by Kamala Harris. Tell me you were a diversity hire without telling me you were a diversity hire? This woman doesn't know what to say or do unless she's lying on her back and even then, she's probably just lying there like a dead fish. How proud we should all be to have a potato and a garden tool leading out Nation.

  9. Kamala: "It's important to remember that the work we do here today, is work done before tomorrow. It's interesting to note that this work, following the work of the past, is work of today. And that tomorrow brings a new day, for us to move forward into. CACKLE CACKLE CACKLE CACKLE."

    Pretty much since she took office.

  10. Intersectionality in the White House hasn't exactly been a success. To be honest, it's pretty unfair to people of color and women who aren't incompetent, because a certain unfortunate stereotype is being reinforced. This is exactly why I've argued to friends that affirmative action is a horrible idea. I've worked for very competent people of all walks of life, and they don't deserve the impression this leaves. 😞

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