When Cancel Culture Backfires – The Daily Record Fall On Their Own Sword


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  1. Do they not see the irony that they are asking for "togetherness" whilst lobbying to remove their competition.
    It seems they have a different view on what inclusion means,
    It means, inclusion of non-dissenting opinions.

  2. How in this day and age are "newspapers" still a thing? Why haven't they disappeared as I'm sure their sales figures are through the floor and therefore their income must be at the tipping point regarding being a profitable enterprise? I still can't believe that I actually used to buy them, probably been about 25 years since I last bought one but I still did it!

  3. Until the day I die “Park, Park wherever you may be, you eat dogs in your home country, but it could be worse, you could be a Scouse, eating rats in your council house” will be the funniest football chant I’ve ever heard at a match.

    Long live the banter of football fans. Especially against Liverpool, no surrender to the IRA being my second favourite. They get so mad about that one for some reason 🤔

  4. Just because some douche nozzle gets his feelings hurt at what someone else has said, does not mean that person is right, it just shows that person is as weak-willed as a little girl….

  5. As a poor person, I can truly advocate that yes, Android is for poor people.

    Cause I'm not a fan of Apple's really shitty products, nor their overseas conduct, and I'm not gonna support their overrated, brittle asses.

  6. For a long time I thought that the UK had freedom of speech. Well, when the police show up to your door because you have an opinion a rant or even a question they don't like, then you most defiantly don't have freedom of speech.

  7. My ex used offense archeology in our divorce. Took everything out of context. I said in court "You're taking more things out of context than CNN." The judge, a typical leftist shill wackjob, threw me under the jail for that.

  8. lol these clowns conduct themselves like they're the fuckin mob and are simultaneously SURPRISED when people dont want to work with them

  9. When will the cancel culture children realise that they are strangling free speech and are the problem? The regression of society and intelligence is not progressive in any intelligent mind. Fascists and fascism needs to be stamped out. Believe in what you want, be what you want, love all and take part in intelligent converse. Emotional outrage is the reaction of a lower species, always was, always will be. Give your balls a tug dipshit, or tits or what ever you have. Thats why CD is a hero of freedom of intelligent speech.

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