When CNN’s Precious Narrative CRUMBLES In A Single Interview!


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  1. The problem with Waters' approach is that someone is always a warmonger. If you won't respond with aggression, that warmonger will get everything they want and keep going year after year. Waters' position is sympathetic in that the U.S. needs to stop being so much of a warmonger to protect their globalist liberalism project, but other people do need to step up to the plate when countries like Russia and China start their wars of aggression. Honestly the only thing that makes U.S.'s wars any less egregious is that we never gained any territory. In a way though, that kinda makes it worse. How many people died just to impose foreign values on a country that didn't want them?

  2. Waters doesn't have a clue what he's talking about and neither does anyone who agrees with him.
    The Warsaw pact was butted as straight up on every single border with NATO for decades. There are no "buffer states". Those were client states used as staging grounds for the invasion of western Europe. US nuclear weapons are the only reason they never did
    To now demand NATO not to the eXACT same thing Russia did is mindlessly stupid.
    NATO exists for the exact scenario that's playing now. Ukraine spent the better part of the 20th century under the heel of Russia. They started millions of ukrainians in the holodomor alone.
    To pretend that Russia intend to stop in Ukraine is ignorance. They aren't even saying that. Russian politicians are clearly saying that it's only the beginning.
    Should we be sending tens of billions of weapons with no accountability? Absolutely not. If Trump had won the election, we wouldn't have had to. That's not to say we should be doing nothing. We are on the cusp of world war, and to blame the west solely for that is just a fantasy. A very dangerous partisan fantasy. I hate the administration as much as anyone, but being a contrarian for the sake of it is just being the thing I hate most about leftists.

  3. I am not just a brilliant musician, I am also an amazing historian. All facts 🙌 They don't know crap, he owed them all the way from the first stupid comment the interviewer made. SMH Go read some more ROFLMAO

  4. Oddly enough, Waters calls every US President since Reagan a war criminal while a giant " War Pig" blimp flies around the room.
    But they only seem to be concerned that he said it about Biden

  5. Taiwan isn't part of China. That's why China hates it so much. It shows definitively that Chinese people don't have to be run by authoritarian socialists. That they can have a successful democracy.

  6. 🤣🤣 Pink Floyd making CNN look like chumps..

    What is confusing to me about Ukraine tho is we hear about all this devastation then I see clips of music festivals and high level politicians just waltzing around freely in Ukraine like they're in vacation…

  7. Taiwan may be Chinese people but it’s not and it never has been under control of the CCP. He’s the one that needs to learn the history here….

  8. It's not just the Democrats who are pushing the escalation in Ukraine. There are many on both sides of the aisle who stand to lose a great deal of money if Russia takes over certain sections of the Ukraine. These corrupt politicians and their cronies have been making millions out of the oil flowing from the Ukraine. If they cede the land to Russia that gravy train stops.

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