When Even CNN Is Forced To Admit The Truth!


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  1. The Democrats keep saying we are on the verge of losing our democracy. What they are saying is exactly right. They are on the edge of losing "their form of democracy as the right leaning voters want the American Republic's form of democracy back.

  2. We are Not suppose to be a Democracy. The Founding Fathers knew a Democracy was a bad thing, that is why the Founding Documents state we are A Republic, a Constitutional Republic. Yet in 1872 the Congress created the Act of 1872 in which creates their own Constitution and a Democracy throwing us all into slavery under them. You can go look it up and read the act, warning it looks like it was a Democrat written act so it is a huge convoluted act & read.
    Once the Act was signed, that is when Democracy appeared and that is what our government has been doing ever since to every Country around the World. Doing regime changes installing puppet leaders under the control of those who consider themselves the rightful Elite Ruling Class over the entire world. They have been pushing Democracy into every country around the world.
    However America was and still is the only Country that has the largest armed and heavily armed Citizen militia thanks to the Second Amendment. All foreign countries and our own Government know this. That is why America has never had a foreign country invade our soil with boots on the ground because just about the entire country is fully and heavily armed. They all also knew America could not be taken with boots on the ground, the only possibility is thought to be by Infiltration into as many key positions of power throughout the country in Businesses, Organizations, Schools, and especially Government. That is exactly what is going on right now. All those areas have indeed been infiltrated but I am not sure it got far enough as Trump Got Elected because the Patriots, Conservatives, Republicans & Independents showed up in Mass in Nov 2016, and Trump, who was not suppose to win, Won the Election. Trump started reversing everything and was brutally honest and calling them out and continued no matter how vicious the attacks grew. You have been and are witnessing the Deep State, Swamp, Elite Billionaire Supposed Ruling Class first Attack Trump throughout 4 years of his first term, and still attacking him and all his loyal supporters still today, trying to redo what Trump reversed, and now attacking American Citizens no matter what side they think they are on, still attacking Trump and his administration. Also spreading around the World in every country. Russia was first to have drained their swamp, deep state and kicked out the Central Banks and created a stable asset backed Currency, with India almost there now, and even China. Everything Biden does to Russia has no significant harm to Russia as they can't touch their currency right now. So the pain backfires and the rest of the countries & the U.S. is suffering with the pain from those Embargos the Biden admin is leveraging.
    By shutting down U.S. Drilling, pipelines, shutdown producing oil for other countries, Shutdown most of our own Production & Pumping, and shipping out our 30 year stratigic reserve, that Trump Built up, it has effected us & Countries around the world. The remaining countries that have oil and shipping it are not able to produce enough to cover what the U.S. needs along with other countries, who we no longer are producing oil for and shipping. You see the results of Bidens attack on our energy. Then Biden is pouring in illegal immigrants into this country to further destroy all our social safty net systems by giving them money for food, housing, schooling, medical, ect…
    And Biden's Admin is still going. I have not even listed everything Biden's Admin has done upto this point.
    Now if we we could only get the U.S. citizens to stop fighting each other, Unite together, Stand up for whats right and Stand Against whats wrong, and United, Start taking back our Country. This is not going to stop until we all Unite together and stand Up and Say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Nobody is coming to help us, except ourselves. We The People are the true People in charge and have been. But we have regressed into sitting back and expecting someone else to run this Country, even though our own Constitution not only lists or Rights & Freedoms, but also our Duties & Responsibilities, which we have not all been doing. We got lazy. We have turned a blind eye to crime, corruption, Sin, Evil, our Families, Duties & Responsibilities. Rights & Freedoms do not come free. They have to be fought for. Not necessarily by force but by hard work and staying aware of what is really going on around us and the Truths, which can be very brutal to accept as True. Then Start acting as responsible adults and do our Duties & Responsibilities and Stand Together and start taking our Country Back.
    Don't really know how close we are to getting there but we have to get there. I have seen less fighting but it us still going on.

  3. The Democrats take advantage of victimhood sympathy. And spent years making the GOP and conservative citizens into genuine victims, which resulted in a significant chunk of Democrats and Independents siding with the GOP and conservatives. It’s hilarious!

  4. Killary is correct when she says we are standing on the precipice of loosing our democracy and she should know. She is the one organising dirty elections to keep Dems in power to ensure their objective of communism.


  6. Every dem tactic has failed: Covid, 6 Jan clown show trial, Putin price hikes, Putin energy shortage, all of it. Get ready for a very violent Summer of Love. If you thought 2020 was bad, get ready. Stock up on food, fuel and ammo, stay away from the windows, and hunker down till November as it is gonna get real bad real soon. Violence is all the (D) knows.

  7. CNN admitted the truth? Ho lee crap, I was convinced if they ever did that the universe would implode at the speed of light, as though someone had crossed the streams.

  8. Any liberal poll is off by 7 – 8 points.
    Some off by as much as 10 points.
    Biden disapproval more like:
    67% – 68%
    Biden Approval more like:
    32% – 33%
    That is more like it.
    Democrats showing their marxist
    communist stripes everyday.
    Loyal party members
    only on commission.

  9. CNN heads: Ok everybody, we are going to try something new here. We are going to try and report the actual truth.
    CNN news team: What! We have never done that! That won't work, how would we do that? …it's impossible!
    CNN heads: We know we know, it sounds crazy but polls show the majority of people prefer actual facts. It's insane. But we need to do this so we don't go bankrupt… financially, mentally and morally.
    CNN news team: (heads explode)💥

  10. It's too late to admit it now they should all be tried for treason and sedition. They're nazi propaganda has convinced the most stupid of people that even now without proof President Trump Is in cahoots withThe Russians even now.

  11. Sorry, but the vast majority of Democrat voters are not upset like radical woke left like you think… MOST Democrat voters, out here in the real world, are OBLIVIOUS about what is really going on. They may occasionally talk about "orange man bad" or they may parrot the narratives of the left/Democrats, but in general, they are not even conscious of what is going on…. The point is, they will not even admit the truth because they have no idea what is going on. In fact, if you just grab some middle-class Democrat voter and ask him if Biden is doing a good job or not, there is probably about a 100% chance they will not only deny that Biden has dementia, but they probably didn't even pay attention to things like Biden falling over on a bike…. Example 2: Ask your Democrat neighbor about the Hispanic Republican woman who won the special election in Texas, and that Democrat will probably have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT… nor will they understand the reasons why, because they have no understanding of the problems with illegals crossing the border, nor any other context of the situation….

  12. They just made Republicans hate the RINO's and the Left even more. I strongly dislike them, and now have no problem admitting that I have turned the corner on Trump and see him in a whole new light. They actually got me to like someone I hated…. They are doing something wrong, or I should say right because it's not helping their image or popularity and that's good.

  13. Read between the lines; when Hillary says "we" are on the precipice of losing our democracy", she does not mean the people's democracy.. she means "our" democracy as in the democratic party's democracy.
    The democracy that should only belong to the elites.. her democracy.

  14. That last category on the Fox News Poll shows how, in some small way, Democrats are successful in their propaganda about how only they are the ones that properly preserve voting rights. Republicans haven't beaten them on that in decades.

  15. They cite these polls and say he was never that popular, yet I've never seen that amount of political signs and bumper stickers in my life. And I don't see any Biden stickers at all and barely saw any before the election and that's in a far left state

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