When Even CNN Think You’re Crazy…


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  1. I believe that the Republicans are going to screw up in 2022 the reason why because the Democrats are fooling them I'm not a Democrat and I'm not a Republican but I believe that the Republicans are going to lose this war

  2. looks like the Dems are going to be EATEN by the big bad wolf and nobody will care because they cried wolf one to many times like the saying goes "Cry wolf once shame on ME, Cry wolf twice shame on you, cry wolf 3 times, well nobody cares anymore" the dems can lie in their grave and ROT AWAY

  3. Caution on clips of the other team, sometimes they are too long and is irritating , I avoid them and do not want to watch them too long on your channel, a short view is good to make a point but the long clips make me want t
    o down vote and leave your channel to avoid the other team your showing on your channel

  4. My guess is what they're doing is trying to promote MAGA republicans because before the election the DOJI is goings-on to indict Donald Trump and other prominent Mega conservatives. Then they will use that to smear All Pro Trump conservatives ny affiliation, any who try to distance themselves from Trump are going to lose votes because they will upset the MAGA conservative base. Unfortunately. This plan will probably work to retain powe in the midterms.

  5. They thought Trump would be an easy opponent for Hillary and that backfired sorely, so what makes them think it'll work this time?
    Or, are they donating money to Trump Republicans to make the weak minded think those candidates are dirty?

  6. And because Conservatives were st*pid enough to repeal Roe vs Wade the Democrats have gained the support of key holdouts, like Manchin, to pass their insane climate bill and others. Good job Conservatives….. good job🙄

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