When Everyone Ignores The Murder of a White Man because Racism is an More Outrageous

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  2. In the army I learned how to disable or wound a target, which is often a necessary and appropriate course of action for reasons which should be obvious to anyone with a brain. It's something anyone with adequate training could do in a split second. No one dies, intelligence is gathered, more lives are saved. If the police were trained in a similar way things like this wouldn't happen. Most people who fail military selection usually become cops later and that's why the police force is full of trigger happy idiots with a small man complex. Those cops were full of adrenaline and fear and eliminated the source of it like frightened little boys. They would've already decided to kill the guy before he even opened the door. Scum

  3. Look at the footage over again. A possible domestic violence call and domestic violence are the most danger calls for officers. So after they announce themselves as police they take a bit of cover away from the door until they know what they are dealing with. So that's the set up and how it all started… now we look at what they can see from each of their perspectives.

    Officer 1 standing directly in front of him sees this happen. The man opens the door and storms outside with the gun in his right hand. The officer says "woah" out loud and draws his gun. The man then quickly hides the gun behind his back so the officer starts yelling "hands hands". The man in a panic crouches and pulls the gun back out from behind his back, extends it out, and looks like he is going to start setting it down. The officer who sees this doesn't shoot he sees the man extended it out away from him like he is surrendering.

    Now officer 2 who is against the wall beside the door. He has no clue why the first officer said "woah" and drew his gun. When the man walks into his line of sight he sees the man with his hand behind his back and what looks like a gun in his waist band with his hand on it. The officer starts to draw his gun. The man takes a quick step back being partially obscured by the wall and starts to crouch and the gun is no longer in his waist band behind his back. The officer starts shooting. This officer probably thinks his partner said "woah" because the man has his hand obviously hiding something behind his back. He sees the gun which he probably thinks it is put away in his waist band. When the gun vanishes out of sight i'm sure he thinks the man just drew the gun and shots start being fired immediately. He has no clue the gun was already in his right hand when he opened the door. All he saw was what appeared to be the man pulling the gun out. Crouching and ducking isn't uncommon when people get in shootouts.

    Terrible situation but if a officer is yelling for somebody to put their hands up and another officer sees them pull a gun out during that command that is a recipe for disaster.

    You say he acted correctly? A knock on your door isn't a threat yet and if he didn't hear "police open up" he most likely thinks it's his neighbors coming to complain about the noise. His response to that is to throw open the door all the way, act tough, and walk out with the gun in a threatening manner. Not only is this not a smart way to use guns the actual guns laws there say "The defensive display of a firearm by a person against another is justified when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself" They aren't a tool to be used to intimidate. You can't even tell somebody you have a gun if it's clear you did it as a self defense threat unless you are in immediate danger. Open carry doesn't mean flaunt your power.

  4. He lived for 21 037 950.6 minutes and could easily lived for 21 037 950.6 minutes more, but all of that was denied in 5 seconds and for no reason. Thank you for covering this Tristan.

  5. Yeah, this is the sad truth of our shit ass politicians and our vulture media. If it doesn't push a narrative it doesn't see headlines. And most of these instances get buried. And depending on the precinct if you speak out you might be buried along with it. I worked with law enforcement… If it weren't for my badge, at times, bad things would have happened to me. Simply because they don't have annual psych evals to weed out the power trippin' ass plunderers.

  6. I think it’s important that we address the man being shot in the back. All too often we are hearing stories of people being shot in the. BACK irregardless of race by police. The immediate assumption when a suspect has been shot in the back should be that the officer fucked up because we know at that point the suspect posed ZERO FUCKING threat to the officer. These police far to often go into a situation cocked and ready to go and that needs to be addressed. All that Adrenalin in the mix is just a recipe for tragedy and has been going on for a very long time.

  7. I did see it.. His girlfriend even admitted that he looked through the peep hole knowingly there are police officers. They did say they were police.. It's comon sense really… Not stupidity…. The guy was innocent but yet risked his own life.

  8. Yep she did admit he looked throuh the peep hole.. I have a peep hole and can see clearly… If a police knocks on my door and yells police and i look through a peephole and see uniform… Why would i need to carry a gun.

  9. Police killing whites happens rarely compared to minorities hence why whites don’t protest police killing citizens. Don’t be ignorant and point fingers at BLM It’s a different fight. If your fighting for a cause it doesn’t mean other causes aren’t important it just means to get change done in your cause you have to see it through. I’m disappointed on your way of looking at this like “racism” is a marketing ad, because it takes away from how important this movement is to be heard. R.I.P. the gentleman who passed away.

  10. @Nerdette's NewsStand:
    This is completely easy to answer, a question that's not completely complicated.

    1. People are numb to the deaths of another color that doesn't match their race

    2. People won't give two shits about white outrage when others have wanted the support of the those who depend on the protection/enforcement arm of the police to keep THEIR OWN Neighborhood safer to reign in the LEO's.

    3. People won't feel any sort of pain towards those who fail to understand History.
    Again, when, "What affects us today, turns around and affects you tomorrow".

    4. When people who're black have done all of the right things, case in point: Philando Castille.
    Edit: Not a single person defended his right, being violated, hell not even the NRA and none of the NRA members called out the higher ups. — Why there's another organization called NAAGA.

    5. Don't demand for accountability when the problem lands on your doorsteps.

    6. Don't call what is justifiable homicide by police officers towards a "non-white", but when its' a white person now its… a "cowardly" act. What?

  11. Watched body cam footage, i think it was failure on both sides.
    PO overreacted, but considering circumstances, i cant really blame him. It was dark, they had report of potential violent altercation and most importantly, worse of it all, Whitaker backed down, resulting in gun leaving PO view.
    It was a fuckup allround. Cops are also people, nobody wants to get shot.

  12. This shit makes me sick! I'm so glad your covering this. It's a shame that the MSM WONT COBER THIS. THE MSM NEEDS TI DIE A QUICK DEATH WITH ALL THIER LIES! THANKS FOR THE YRUTH VIDEO, TRISTEN! LOVE YA GIRL! KEEP ON REPORTING THE TRUTH, TRISTEN. GOD BLESS YOU!Congratulations on the almost 17k subs! You channel is starting to blow up !!!!!!

  13. Also this isn't the first time this has happened. Mainstream doesn't give them much attention either. There have been cooperative with police and still end up dead.

    Or people have been sitting in their house minding their business, like the one guy in Texas, who was sitting on couch eating ice cream, in his undies. He was unawares that police were outside of his window before they shot him dead.

    And he wasn't even the guy they were after.

    There needs to be some kind of reform, rather than defunding police. We definitely need them. But the bad apples need weeding out.

  14. After watching the video, i view it as a somewhat unavoidable circumstance. The guy was irresponsible walking out the door with gun in hand and that is a recipe for disaster. In terms of police brutality, the george floyd incident was much more cut and dry. I dont think the george floyd incident was a racially motivated crime btw.

  15. NOBODY is ignoring police killing a white man.. the difference that people who make this incredibly ignorant comparisons is this guy actually had a weapon, not that that isnt his second amendment right .. BLM usually are about UNARMED Black people killed.. let a Black person open the door with a weapon and its "justifiable" to what the police were "thinking" .. oh that's right, Breonna Taylor comes to mind except the police were actually IN her home when they killed her

  16. Hi Tristen, it is a terrible tragedy, I heard about it a couple of days ago. Obviously, what should be happening is, all cases should be treated with equal importance. Over in left-wing controlled Sweden, a large protest occurred about the George Floyd incident. However, last week a 12 yr old Swedish girl was gunned down & the MSM didn`t bother to report it & no large protest was held.
    Apparently, some local people are trying to remedy this, by calling out those people, to show they did not just protest for Political alignment & take part in one on her behalf.

  17. damn that really sucks, that's crazy, that was a cowardly thing to do, to just pop four shots to kill a man without saying a thing. He answered the door with a gun in his hand because it was night. Holy hell that's the most disturbing and cowardly thing I've seen a cop do in a while. That probably would of happened to George Floyd, but he was in the public eye so they didn't shoot him. Maybe some people become cops because they are such cowards, and they think being in the police force with actual brave people and a badge can save them from being such fearful pieces of trash. There's evil among you officers its up to you to do the right thing or join them doing the wrong and you'll never be the same again. There will be no saving you and that's the sad part about it you know you're all wrong when you do wrong and you don't do or say something about it.

  18. That's too messed up and tragic, that cop literally jumped the gun and shot 4 times without hesitation out of straight up cowardice in my opinion. I don't think dudes like that should be wearing a badge because they are too trigger ready, and they don't think and just kill. He should be fired and investigated. Think about it why would he shoot 4 times without saying anything, or considering a human's life. The guy had the gun pointed down, didn't raise it and wasn't even told by the shooting officer to drop the gun. No sort of concern for any human's life but his own.