When Human Rights Fell Out of Fashion

We have always weighed human rights against the public interest in Australia, and agreed to curtailing them proportionately.

So with the right narrative, you can justify the abandonment of all human rights.

This segment is from a full interview with Constitutional Law expert Dr Ben Saunders from Deakin University:


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  1. Australian Medievalism. There will be a brief period of time where Australia devolves into complete savagery and barbarism, but it won't last. We may already be passed the worst of it. But when you've only ever known one thing, how would you know when you've lost it? Because you've got no other frame of reference, on a national scale. And this is Australia today.

  2. I'm coming to the conclusion that Australia was always a pretend Liberal Democracy, awaiting dissolution of the illusion … then a cliff, followed by rapturous applause as we throw scapegoats over the edge. I assume that after the scapegoats are all gone, the remaining society will probably all agree to drink cyanide laced koolaide ala Jim Jones, for _ _ _ _ _ [enter illogical moral justification here]

  3. I think you really need to start dipping your toe into the "crazy conspiracy theory" waters. You may find they're not so crazy after all. Start discussing the global situation a bit more, rather than just from an Australian angle.

  4. Here's the thing – I realise now that this is really a pandemic of fear of death. And the line is drawn between people that are afraid to die or feel responsible for another persons death. And people that choose to not concern themselves about their own death or the death of others.
    Feeling responsible for another persons death is the big sticker here. And why there is such venom towards the perception that "not having the thing" means a perception of that person being responsible for other peoples death.
    Where there is evidence that some people 'taking the thing' have actually died from it.
    And we have product recalls for much less health concerns….

    So there is this inverted projection to people that don't want the thing – by a global unified marketing campaign – regurgitated through media, political figures and manipulated concerned citizens…

    it's a meme where everyone is pointing at eachother calling out the murderer – but no one is actually paying attention to the physical factual data…

    it's the worlds largest ponzi scam and there is no one looking at the top of the pyramid.

  5. I was talking to many boomers in the last few weeks and they don't care about human rights because they feel protecting us all all from this evil (LOL) virus is paramount.

    BASICALLY…they are terrified of dying, they simply dont want to give up the golden goose which has been their privalaged lives.

    And it made me realize – this whole thing is a final parting gift from the boomers to us all. In order to protect them (come on this virus is an old peoples virus) they have forced us into this life of misery like they have done with almost everything, so once again we are all paying the costs of boomer behavior. Not satisfied with pricing us out of owning a house, giving us a world that is sick with so many societal issues cause by them, MASSIVE climate crisis and just a crappy future for the younger generations, now we have this, our mental health gone and our loss of basic rights.

    And for what? To allow 79 year old MacBoomer an extra few years to keep living.

    OKAY BOOMER..just die already.

  6. Meanwhile, on a cruise ship far, far away, there are 3200 fully vaccinated people in isolation due to a covid outbreak on board, with at least one case of the Omnicron variant. And the numbers are rising. So the vaccines work then?

  7. RE: 2:38 ->2:41; Doesn't matter the potentially infectious agent, there's never certainty of either infection or death even in such an event. For infection to occur a host/ cells must be both receptive and permissive. Always diversity in a population of genetically distinct individuals due to hereditary and state of health/resilience.

    RE: 2:54->2:57: A functional "crystal ball" has been, is likely to be invented?

    Probabilities and 'certainties" are beside the point. A person of sound mind has the right to refuse medical treatment and/or interventions.

  8. I am not against vaccines, I simply want to have the Australian COVAX19 or Novavax, based on past reactions. I also oppose the "Show your papers" aspect of domestic access to facilities….This apparently makes me a rabid anti vaxxer with no intelligence.

  9. There is people they are being suppressed and censored even world leading academics are not able to break though. In that context is there any wonder why people think there is a conspiracy to push a single narrative.

  10. The weird irony is that if you look at the evidence, highly vaxed countries are where new covid variations are passed on from vaxed to vaxed…
    The unvaxed are more likely to have natural immunity: 10 to 100 times stronger and not wasting like " vax" immunity.

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