When I call President Biden a Retard on International news

If i get 10K subscribers I’ll smash the next interview out the park 💥

Written by Trevor Coult MC


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  1. Can we stop pretending that "biden" is doing anything, y'all acting like he's actually signing papers and running the country like a competent president would. lmao nah

  2. For all the people blaming trump, maybe trump planned a bad exit strategy… maybe.. but Biden had 6 months since his inauguration to amend it, and if he didn't that's still on him. He needs to take accountability.

  3. And the current murdering socialist puppet cult that’s running our nation into the sewer is more upset with the word RETARD than killing Americans and it’s allies and handing over a nation and arming the Taliban. RETARD !! RETARD !! RETARD !! What a disgrace.

  4. Wow. I've ever seen a video with so much incorrect "information" in under 2 minutes. Btw, it was your beloved Donald Trump who made the deal with the Taliban. But, please, never let the FACTS get inn the way of whatever b.s. story you are selling.

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