When It’s Alex Jones, It’s Conspiracy Theory; When It’s Yahoo! News, It’s Investment Advice!

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  1. Deliberately released. Why? Lookup Rockefeller lockstep outline written in 2010. Everything lines up. Lookup Gain of Function research by Fauci who collaborated with China. There are your answers

  2. If I go buy a HotWheels car that's a Corvette and run around telling everyone "I have a Corvette!", am I lying?
    The Corvette is real! It's a REAL HotWheels Corvette!!
    But it's not real, is it?

    Same thing with covid.

  3. "it exists" I would like to know more concretely how many of the infections were in fact seasonal influenza false positives. We know for a fact that false results were insanely and purposefully made common (all technicians know PCR test cycle limits), and we know for a fact that influenza deaths fell nearly to zero GLOBALLY. I don't doubt there is a distinct sickness, but how much of an epidemic was it really?

  4. why do people even entertain the thought we can control the weather? they may alter something, but no control
    if the root cause of the end of the last ice age is beyond scientific understanding, this crap is a con.

  5. If we have poor government policies, corporate greed, infiltration of criminals, a poor judicial system, military and opposition complacency, globalist elites 'planning' our future, and we are not given the opportunity to have any say in how our existence progresses, we're in trouble…BIG trouble. Covid-19 is the catalyst to jumpstart and energize those who want to control us, speeding up the process of the enslavement of those of us who survive it all. It's sickening. Gates won't live much longer and I have hope that, when he and his cronies are gone, things might be better.

  6. Let’s take a moment, and reflect on how crazy this conversation would have been in 2019. No one would entertain this 3 years ago, now it’s mainstream to believe that handful of rich cunts, who are already profiting off of us, have decided they want to end everyone’s way of life as we know it. Fucking wild.

  7. I agree the virus is real. I believe it is deadly for some people, especially the medically compromised, and was made worse by conspirators who deliberately suppressed therapies. I believe using inductive reasoning from all the data points it was deliberately released for an agenda.

  8. “Conspiracy theorist” is an overused term that has become either totally meaningless, or with so many meanings that it is rendered worthless. Anyone who tries to condemn someone by using that term only shows their own ignorance.

  9. sssssoooooooooooo gates "predicted" both a plandemic, eeerrrrrr pandemic and a food shortage and set to financially gain from both crisis's? and is friends or connected with people seemingly connected to both events? things that make you go hhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. The elites know AI is coming. So they do not need taxed slavery any more. Less people means they don't have to share, stand in line and wait their turn…AI will pick their fruit for them, weed their fields. Slaughter the cattle. Clean their house just like my robo vac does…think the elites need you and I around taking resources from them…I think not…

  11. Bill Gates starts by speaking out against eating meat. He then begins buying huge amounts of farmland while simultaneously investing heavily in a 3D printed meat substitute made with peas and some type of microbe. Amazingly, corn prices begin to skyrocket higher than anything else (corn is used for animal feed). Meat prices quickly rise as well.
    Now, is it a conspiracy theory to suggest that Gates may have something to do with higher prices/food shortages, or is it just reading the writing on the wall?

  12. The Netherlands is enacting laws to reduce the amount of fertilizer they can put on the land by 50% and Canada by 30% ( not sure of the Uk Europe or South Pacific countries) but if there is a corresponding reduction in crop yields this potentially would amount to a legislated famine- for what purpose???

  13. Not incompetent at all. These governments are colluding and causing the shortages. They'd be incompetent if they fixed the shortages. The people in power (not you or I) would chastise (get rid of) them and start anew.

  14. Trudeau; mascot of everything that is wrong with the world.He is at the
    forefront of encouraging every degenerate,radical, gimmicks of tokenism
    to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities.
    Inhale the stench of his hypocrisy & corruption

  15. Viva, look up Bill Gate's formula for people and services equating to C02, I mean if you want to go full rabbit hole the people who contribute the least to tech and use the most services just so happen to be the most (only?) one at risk from the viridjf

  16. At around $2,500 an acre that means Bill has made many farmers millionaires and they now have security they did not have running the farm themselves. Good for him. His farmland is not a significant investment for him as it is less than 1/2% of his wealth and 0.03% of US farmland.

    It is more like a rounding error than a global conspiracy. At least he did put serious cash in the hands of farmers who were not making much from their land. Bill Gates is a great American.

  17. Hong Kong waving American flags.
    Donald Trump knee deep in Winnie-the-Poohs arse.
    American economy the best any country has ever seen.
    Donald Trump cruising to a victory.

    Winnie-the-Pooh:😡RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
    Tell our assets to lock everyone down and begin operation Fortification immediately.

  18. Pure evil. A few years ago the Gates Foundation spoke at The WEF. It was about how the Gates foundation could market their vaccines. As we can see. The Gates foundation found a new way to market their vaccines.

  19. We don't have much time. The digital ID and Bioeconomy will somehow be tied into FedNow (Federal Reserve / "Feed Me Now"), The MIT Hamilton Project, USDR, etc. It'll be some sort of Carbon Digital Dollar / CBDC and your ESG score will be incorporated. Total control. A line we cannot cross.

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