When LYING just comes naturally

On morning Joe they talk about how now the violations of the espionage act may be in effect for Trump and they provide all the details or do they..?


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  1. What ..this is the Russian collusion hoax all over again ,. Trump hasn't done 99.99% of what they have made up and accused him of .. everyone loved Donald Trump when he was a New York socialite doing the Apprentice.. but somehow overnight he turned into this thing they created , ..all because he's a very popular likable Republican, that no one thought could beat Hillary , or Joe , ( that's why they had to fudge the numbers and make it look like the Democrat won.. Donald Trump he wiped the floor with both of them.

  2. Why does YouTube keep stuffing right wing bullshit like this into my feed? Your guy Trump got caught breaking the law dead to rights and suddenly all his defenders seems to be going out of their way to flood the zone with shit as a distraction. It must really suck for you losers. But hey, I guess y'all are getting paid the big bucks to pave the way for the White Christian Nationalist takeover of the USA.

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