When Nobody Is Buying The B.S You’re Selling!!


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  1. I'm on my phone and the first image looked like it said MAR A LAGO, bam a lam…..whaoo0o mara Lago bamalam… Sry, got some rust remover in my eye trying to pay off student loans for people I've never met.

    Labeling👉HALF THE COUNTRY 👇🏽
    TWICE in one Day🤔
    🤔So if you Disagree with Joey boys Policies, like
    👉Banning Guns,
    👉Sexualizing 5yr olds 👉Indoctrination of children,
    👉DEFUNDING the police
    👉Targeting Parents. 👉Putting Murders back on the street,
    👉Open BORDERS
    👉ENDING fossil fuels,
    👉Higher taxes,
    👉High Inflation.
    👉NO president has EVER been More divisive❗ 👈😡

  3. I like the video. But let’s be real. Biden isn’t doing anything but reading a teleprompter and cue cards. Whoever is running the country is running it into the ground on purpose. The great reset is underway.

  4. They know. They are not truly in denial – not to themselves. They are just trying to gas-light everyone into acceptance. This is what they want. I hope everyone who actually voted for JB are happy with the current state of things. I also hope they start taking their medication properly before the next election.

  5. "It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
    Henry Ford
    If you think Joe Biden is running the show and not the Fed……

  6. They know exactly what they’re doing, all western nations are following the agenda to 6uild 6ack 6etter (666) and to ensure that “by 2030 YOU will own nothing have no privacy and be happy” welcome to the Hunger Games

  7. Joe Biden is just a straight up liar you can't believe anything the man says and now we have a president of the United States threatening American citizens this has got to stop Joe Biden needs to be impeached immediately he cannot threaten American citizens It's like a child having a tension in Tamara and threatening people because he's not getting his own way screw you by

  8. Is this some kind of weeding out process among these folk?
    These people 'stagger to and fro like drunken men'. I couldn't just stand up and say something stupid, again; like we all know they're going to.

  9. Ffs, cognitive dissonance much? What makes you think biden is in charge of anything? That damn old fool is clearly suffering from alzheimers disease and has been since long before the election of 2020. His gaze is absolutely vacant and his movements are haltingly stiff and slow. No. Joe biden is the throw away candidate used as a disposable president to take the blame for deliberate destruction of the country. Let's not pretend he's in charge.

  10. Nobody is buying the B.S. he is selling? Beg to differ. The weak-minded America hating lemmings on the left are buying it. In fact, they are eating it up not realizing it is pure poison. Fortunately for them the GOP has the pepto. It'll be available after the November elections.

  11. Like everything else they are doing it is just a bandaid and convenient talking point.
    The Democrats are literally buying vote's, it's exactly their intention.
    Why are we letting the Media feed us non truth's on a daily basis without having to answer for blatant misuse of the public.
    What they are doing has to be criminal. Free speech and blatant skewing of information seems different to me. They are counting on people being dumb, disinterested, misinformed and the such,, all's the while telling them there the smartest, prettiest most wonderful person. When in fact they're couch potatoes with video games and bad back's.
    Sorry, just old and grumpy here, on a individual basis I love you all and wish you the best, except for the Democrat's that hate my whiteness and maleness as if there's anything I can do about it, Ohh and quit Reading My Mind and telling me what I think!!!

  12. They don't need anybody to buy theiur BS. They have the machine in place to make their BS the official truth. It's why their lies get more and more egrigious, the kind that a three year old can hear and say "that's bulls**t". WE may know what they say is a pile of f**k, but among other things, they have 87,000 new IRS agents that say it's not. Get it?

  13. When Hitler realized he would lose France, he gave orders that every thing in Paris be destroyed. The Democrats know they are going to lose in November. They are trying to destroy everything they can while they can.

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