When Nothing Goes According To Plan!! Hahaha


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  1. So when the left starts talking about "democracy" I find it absolutely hilarious. The majority of them literally believe that if you don't agree with them 100 percent then you shouldn't be allowed to speak or have any say about anything which is totally opposite of what democracy actually is. Of course we a democratic republic NOT a democracy but let's set that aside because in this context it really doesn't matter because it's the concept of "democracy" that the left has that is the issue. If ANYONE thinks that people that think differently than they do shouldn't be permitted to speak their opinions or beliefs while still talking about democracy is just dead wrong and completely hypocritical in every possible way. What they want is a echo chamber where everyone MUST conform OR ELSE. That ISNT democracy,… that's tyranny and these people are incapable of telling the difference.

  2. The reason that idiot kept saying "said something to the effect of" before every bogus statement that she alleged Trump said was because she was told to….. by saying that it prevents her from being charged with perjury ….so that basically proves that they knew it was all fabricated

  3. Liz Cheney is a conspiracy theory. Hutchinson is phony baloney. The Jan6 committee is a Hollywood scripted sitcom. The videos presented JAN6 committee was pieced together, to paint a history that didn't occur. They spliced together video to paint a false story.

  4. It is sad that only 53% of the people polled considered the hearings biased. If you know who is on the committee, the fact they are accepting hearsay and the fact that they refused to ask the people actually present when the hearsay was stated despite them volunteering to give their input shows what a sham it is. You'd more likely get a fair hearing in Russia in 1948 than this fiasco.

  5. She's NOT BROKE. remember she was seeking financial support from GOP just a few days before her sham testimony. They gave her zero. For sure the left gave her a huge contribution to help her recall the events thru the lens of Insanity

  6. They just can’t stop now. They fell for the grift and now it’s become their whole existence. Just like the people still wearing masks while they are in the car by themselves! The weakest of the weak.

  7. Well, we know the entire sham hearing was to tickle the ears of the far Left. They've got a problem and that's thinking that everybody loves what they do, when the exact opposite is happening.

  8. Why don't the republicans have a hearing on Nancy poolosi on how she wouldn't take PRESIDENT TRUMP offer to have more security on the 6th she set the whole thing up to try and get PRESIDENT TRUMP. LET'S GO BRANDON 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 🙏 😁

  9. The democrat establishment reminds me of the heavily sheltered spoiled rich brat when he or she leaves the nest for the first time. They’ve spent their lives living inside the man made bubble. They have no idea how to act in public

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