When Sanity Returns, Compassionate Doctors Await

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The famed and much celebrated pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory sits down with Chris for another intimate and powerfully honest discussion about his work as an ICU doc on the front lines of the COVID pandemic for nearly the last 2 years. Kory dives into the intense struggles he has faced treating critically ill and desperate COVID patients, while simultaneously doing battle with the nihilistic ideologues who dominate the massive, bureaucratic governmental structures such as the CDC, NIH, WHO, etc.

Day in and day out, Kory has witnessed first hand, across thousands of patients, which therapies and treatments are working and which are not. But his attempts to finally bring this exceptional body of knowledge to the fore of “official” medical institutions for their consideration and acceptance, has proven to be a futile exercise thanks to the toxic political machinations in place.

In the end, as it has always been, it’s we the people who suffer and pay the price for these inexcusable acts of ignorance. When will we ever learn the lessons hard taught to us over these last 2 devastating years? Kory, for one, isn’t holding his breath.

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  1. I feel in love and have so much respect for Dr Kory who is a true hero when he gave his 2 nd testimony at US Senate hearing and he was so upset caring so deeply for the lives that have been taken from covid and it didn't have to happen. Dr Kory is a true doctor who has taken his oath of "Do no harm" in his heart, on his sleeve, the way he practices his medical care / profession. He gives me hope that there are doctors that honestly care for people and not their bank accounts. Much love amd so much respect to you and for you Dr Kory you are the true HERO of a fighter for humanity. ❤💜🧡💙💚 thank you Chris for what your also doing.

  2. In Medical School students are trained in The Scientic Method, which is based on Logic, Reason, verifiable data and empirical facts. That's why it's mind-boggling that so many seemingly intelligent doctors have dug in their heels defending positions that are in no way related to The Scientic Method. To put it more simply, they are just plain WRONG. 

    Ditto for lawyers, who are trained (or at least USED TO BE trained) in the art and science of Critical Thinking yet, with a handful of notable exceptions, that ability is largely absent in the minds and in the character of the lawyers who hold powerful positions in Government, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

  3. Insanity by design. Has sanity ever really been here. Look at history and the general conditioned behaviour of human beings? From eating patterns to dependence on pharmaceuticals to planned wars for profit. You call this sanity? If this returns we are no better off. There has to be a cleansing from the top down otherwise its the same old same old. The Same faces wearing different masks.

  4. Excellent show, glad to see people in the know taking the bull by the horns as it where. I never belived or trusted in the vaccine fron the start, way to short of time to make it right as far as I am concerned

  5. I love 💕 three day Fasts just have gotten too skinny need to gain a bit bf I try again. I truly love second and third day endurance and euphoria. 123 lbs this AM need to concentrate on Protein. 5’7”.

  6. Of course we liked hearing two smart, fiercely independent, kind & sincere (now colleagues) discussing how they’re bound for life in an epic battle … but another teaser for a subscription. I’d pay to hear in full some of your content but I don’t want another subscription. Even so, thanks.

  7. FLCCC has indirectly been saving over 400 lives through the use of I-MASK+ Protocol for Covid-19 in Thailand, which has nothing to do with the country's medical system. So, for that, we thank you and appreciate your continuing efforts to get the Truth across. In Jesus' name. Amen!

  8. Thanks to one of many Doctors online supporting those who aren't vaccinting, I was given the information of where I could buy treatment drugs to use against the virus if required. Which I am happy to say, arrived safely last week. Especially important as my country isn't supporting treatments prior to requiring oxygen supplementation in hospital. I find that criminal. The Treatments which shall not be named, are regarded as illegal in my State for Doctors to prescribe. Insanity can be found everywhere and yes even outside of the medical profession, you quickly find out those who are no longer your friends and those who are your new friends.

  9. Such an honest conversation. And yes, I try to talk to people that are proVax and their eyes cloud over and you can see they completely quit listening and reply with “you’re so smart, maybe you can do better “
    It turns into a hostile conservative every time you bring up data that proves they should ask questions and quit putting their and their kids lives into hands that are willing to lie for their agenda of “VAX EVERYONE!”

  10. Love you both and thank God for your integrity and for standing up for truth during these trying times. The war is spiritual and the evil people who are perpetuating this diabolical plan, worldwide, will pay one day. God bless you both. You are truly appreciated.

  11. We made these mistakes, among others: 1) we didn't treat symptoms like we are trained to do when we don't exactly know what the causes are, 2) we stopped thinking for yourselves and abdicated to others our common sense and scientific sense, 3) we stopped putting the patient first and allowed those who seek money and power to think for us and to control us. Shame on us. The greedy controlling the lazy is a recipe for disaster and death.

  12. I love this. I think this scandal has been a blessing in disguise. So many "rebels" have turned out to be absolute dog excrement i.e. Gene Simmons, Chomsky, Dershowitz, Howard Stern, Colbert.

  13. I have such fondness and respect for Dr. Kory. I've watched many hours of his interviews, and also his recent presentations at the Florida Covid Summit. He is a hero, and a truly good man, motivated by sincere compassion for humanity. Prayers for him, and his family, as he carries on in this battle for truth and integrity in the practice of healthcare. I believe he has many more supporters than detractors. I hope that awareness, of the love and support out here for him and his like-minded fellow warriors, helps to buoy him in his difficult hours. 🙏💞☮🌟

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