When SARS-CoV-2 won’t leave your body – Long COVID

This ground breaking case reports demonstrate for the first time the evidence for the SARS-COV-2 persistence. Let’s review.

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URL list from Tuesday, Sep. 6 2022

Frontiers | Case report: Persistence of residual antigen and RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in tissues of two patients with long COVID

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CD68 – Wikipedia

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  1. I got SAS in January 2008 . I never recovered . I was fit , young , gym Boxing class and uni . I started presenting Pain , lethargy and such to the degree I was back and forth to Dr like never before . I was then sent to a specialist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and sent away with nothing and most Dr believe it was all in the patients head and fibromyalgia was something that the Dr didn’t even believe in . So after years of Dr patient neglect and attitudes that I can only describe as Narcissistic, I fell in to a deep depression. I’m slowly recovering as now I feel I know what this is and it’s definitely not in my head . Thank you for helping me get to this place 🙏💗🍻👍🏼 It’s been hell . Now after me and my family have had this Covid … all my family are feeling as I have been for the past 12 years . Strange but it’s a comfort Physiologically . Fibromyalgia is not what folk think and this study seems to indicate my hunch was correct 👍🏼

  2. Hi Dr. Been. When you say the virus was present (the neocapsule proteins, i think you said, and some RNA) in the intersticial spaces and macrophages, do you mean they found whole 'active' covid? or are they just finding fragments?

  3. Glad she was able to get tested. What about the countless other people who are suffering & dont have access to the same tests? 😭

    With all the covid variants floating around & the length of time spike protein can remain in the body, chances are, most of us have spike protein inside of us at any given time.
    IF ivermectin is the only known medication that effectivity treats long covid & helps with viral clearance, and with all the dangerous health problems that spike protein can cause, I sincerely feel as if we should all be taking ivermectin every few months to help protect us fom the harmful effects of spike protein. Penny for your thoughts?

    Thanks Dr. MoBeen & cool Beanz! You are wonderful! Much love from Massachusetts.

  4. This is interesting and not surprising as I still have 8significant lung problem after having this virus for 29 month! Can I ask how we get rid of this from our body?

  5. This is a lab made vi Rus. It is designed to avoid the immune system. I am having recurring infections because of the vi Rus hiding inside me. They will make even more nasty vi Rus es if society don't wake up and stop them.

  6. I had delta COVID this time last year. I got vaccinated on a Saturday. Immediately was showing symptoms then I kept getting worse. Went to the doctor that Wednesday and tested positive for COVID. My skin has completely changed. It swells and I break out with rashes mainly behind my knee, I still deal with hair loss and shortness of breath from time to time. Long COVID is not fun

  7. Dr. Been thank you for presenting this information. Is this the case with Omicron variant of Sars-Cov-2? Or this is the case with older variants of Covid-19? We know that Omicron is targeting upper respiratory tract, but can Omicron survive in human body like older variants? Once again, thank you for giving us scientific informations about virus and his behaviour in the human body.

  8. The next questions are what are all the possible capabilities of this virus in the tissues of the individual, what are the complications, how long does it stay there, what are the treatments, and what if any effect on others exposed.

  9. I was super fit when i caught the virus march 21, mega sore throat and choking cough for a few days but didnt feel unwell. Thought I was better, was going back to work on 8th day began to suddenly feel very unwell, long covid had started brain fog, racing heart, couldnt sleep, tingling skin, the fatigue floored me for months, got well a couple of times only to become very unwell again. Slowly got better in 2021 but had to do less hours working and lots of rest after excercise. Had 2 AZ vaccines without issue then in Dec 21 had the phizer vaccine, after that finally felt well again. I always felt that this vaccine had finally sorted me out, after hearing about this report, perhaps it did. I never had GI symptoms.

  10. Fun fact..people who have appendix and tonsils removed have 43% higher chance of heart disease. See also cancer, neurological etc. Taking two immune system organs out if the body is not an active research area. It'd be interesting to see what % of deaths during the pandemonium were missing these immune system organs.

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