When the lockdowns end, the lockout begins.

Daniel Andrews shared details on what life in a segregated Australia will look like once vaccination targets of 70-80% are reached.

Referring to the unvaccinated as “they”, Andrews assured the vaccinated he will lock the unvaccinated out of major parts of the economy because when the lockdowns end, the lockout begins.

“The greatest incentive is freedom”

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. yeah but those who are vaccinated are aloud to gather with another person who is vaccinated, but outside so in a park. makes a whole lot of sense….not

  2. Segregation is not okay. There is no logical justification for this besides complete and utter control. Where is the long term research on these vaccines? What is being done about the reported side effects and deaths? How many boosters will be needed? Why is big pharma indemnified? Why have doctors been ordered by AHPRA to not say anything against this or they risk losing their job? Why have alternatives been taken away ? Why are people being bribed and coerced to have these? These are legitimate questions and I will live a quiet life under I personally feel comfortable to have this. I will not be bullied.