When the Narrative Collapses live on air. QandA, Mark Butler, Anthony Dillon, George Hamilton

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  1. It's all been said before…no one listens less than those who want to bring in a voice. The only credible explanation for this 'voice' is racism, pure and simple.

  2. They want nothing more than indigenous Australians to adopt a victim narrative. This shatters their illusion.

    Fuck these virtue signalling rats who want the public victimised, demonised and manipulable.

  3. One man, speaking the truth, fearless while surrounded by the enemy, has prevailed. Now we need to see this repeated until the Dividers are sent packing with their corrupt proposals firmly rejected by the majority of voters. Our country deserves so much better than these sock puppet politicians are dishing up. . . shame on them.

  4. Wow, rational logical points, based on fact. That's gotta hurt. Have a look at the political snake Butler's face as his 'snake oil' is poured out all over the floor with every truthful word said.

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