When Victoria lost its way. Dan Andrews

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  1. Not just Victorians, the whole country mustn't forget. It could've very
    easly happened to the rest of Australia. Wasn't all that much better
    elsewhere, just that he is especially evil and arrogant. Then again
    very close behind is Gunner (conveniently left and probably thinks
    it's all forgotten) and the WA dictator. And they were even more isolated,
    almost like a different country now. Geez Victorian have, maybe the
    last chance to show what they're made of. Thanks for keeping it up DD.

  2. his government needs to drag through the courts for crimes against humanity his forced locks down had no scientific merit ..yet it harmed thousands of Victorians…his hate speech day after day proudly segregating tax paying Victorians call them ridiculous names such as anti vaxxers belonging to minority groups conspiracy theriost telling them on a daily basis they were selfish congratulating those that had the vaccines did it willing no they were coerced bullied threatened lied to it was against there will …yet they were everyday Victorian most of whom had their childhood vaccines proven vaccines …they just wanted choice and more information..and after the release of documents data that Pfizer and the FDA tried to have sealed for 75years was released we now know they had good reason to ask questions …the CDC saying they made mistakes ..changing the wording on there vaccine site saying the vaccines do not stop you catching spreading and for some dying …medical papers in England now saying you were more likely to get myocarditis from the vaccine than the virus …the NHS now says it's not safe for pregnant women …but good old Dan it's all coming out the truth can't be hidden ….all his dirty tricks for all the lives that were lost ….he will be caught out ….Victorians let's get together and start a class action for crimes against Humanity for being in the longest locked down state in the world for the trauma and the abuse we suffered daily at his hands

  3. "Incitement" basically just means whatever Stalin Andrews doesn't like or agree with…so he has you handcuffed and arrested….now it's been dropped, only because an election is looming (FFS politicians are so predictable it's pathetic)

  4. Ahhhh mate, this is your best work in ages, and that's saying something because all your videos are bloody brilliant but this was great and the fact you added in Tom Cruise from Tropic Thunder with that line perfectly time just fantastic mate thanks for the good laugh.

    But I'm still frightened at the prospect of living in a state where there are so many people still dumb enough to vote for this evil criminal satanic psychopath and we all have to vote this bastard out in November

  5. Are Victorians really stupid enough to vote this tyrant back in, least we forget what excuses were made by Andrews and his government, police and bureaucrats for the brutality, removal of freedom, which is not theirs to take and the treatment of the public as if they were all criminals.
    These people need to be bought to justice so as this can never be repeated.

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