When You Are Clueless As S***

They never have a clue whenever a real question pops up…

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  1. When we still have 2 more years of Biden 😭
    Literally anyone would've been better, it's a shame the left propaganda machine vilified Trump to the point where no one but "racist nazi far righters" supported him.

  2. Yeah China makes everything for this country and everyone so they needed it so we could import stuff that we buy everyday. So yeah it makes sense, dollar stores cant be empty

  3. KJP "will have to look into it," which is less glaring than "I'll have to circle back to you." The oil sent to China looks like a partial repayment for the $32 million the Chinese Communist Party oligarchs paid Biden's family, with "10% for the big guy."

  4. Seems to me the joke Talibiden 🤡💩 show administration is trying to reduce the oil reserve along with production to keep the next administration from restarting our energy independence. Since the DEMONRAT party is funded largely by China and Joe is the v.p of China the pieces all fit. 🖕😠🖕🇨🇳

  5. Terrible Democrat leadership: lies and self destruction.

    Unfortunately they rigged one election and they'll do it again too.

    I won't be surprised if there's not one more actually elected leader for this country until the bombs drop.

    They're all plants and puppets.

    Your vote doesn't matter.
    We're past the time for that.

  6. Get rid of him we are losing our country. He's trying to bribe China to be on his side. He has such a good relationship with China he believes this is possible. Disgusted.

  7. Came here due to the Amber Heard vs Depp memes, as well as your marvel memes, but if you're going to be this cringe with the politics as a norm I can bail, it's np.

  8. Karine's mouth says she's unaware of the report (which she should be BTW), put her face says something else. Also, being cluelessness about the president's actions over several months is not acceptable, especially over oil right now.

  9. Biden is purposely trying to make it too hard to do anything with oil in USA, even if that breaks USA & screws over most liberals who still need oil, just to get some votes from some environmentalist retards. Biden sucks at math, among so many other things. Thanks left voters. 🖕 Stop voting.

  10. Strategic oil reserves, now! STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES! We shouldn't even be tapping them for OURSELVES. What part of Strategic. Oil. Reserves. did they not understand?

    And, for crying out loud, why does Biden even have the authority to do this? He has aided and abetted our enemies with his every act since being installed. (Yes, like a toilet).

  11. We all know that the mainstream media won't tell anyone about this. So it is our job to do what they won't. Share this everywhere and tell everyone you know what the Biden administration is doing, and how nobody will step up to investigate them. This is not incompetence, this is actively and purposefully taking action that harms the United States and her people. Spread the word, contact your representatives, and let's change something. Midterms are this year.

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