When You Can’t Handle The FACTS…


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  1. California is a hell of a long ways from Chicago, so I guess Newsome can rescue Lightfoot, MY ASS !! #FJB Good thing they don't hold news conferences at night or a lot of so called late night comedians would lose their jobs ! Watching her is better than going to th ZOO and watching the antics in the chimpanzee impound !!

  2. This is not funny, they are doing this on purpose to mislead us. These people really think the American people are dumb. And that’s just not going to be tolerated. It makes you wonder how 81 million idiots could come together and pull this off is outrageous and an insult to any American, when they can’t even close down our border, knowing that it hurts all Americans !! The proof is there are cases of baby formula at the processing center’s at the border, AND STILL BRING IT IN FROM EUROPE TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEY ARE ADDRESSING THE ISSUE !!! THEY ARE NOT !!! These are the same people that told us to mask up and get injected with a drug that has never been proven. How do I know this, my brother has all the shots boosters and he still almost died !!! These are the same people who want to murder babies at 9 months!!! The shortage for baby formula falls right in line with their sick agenda to harm innocent children who have no voice.

  3. Look I am an openly gay black female racist IDIOT, why do you all expect me to know the answers to these really really hard question you guys keep axing me ! Don't you know I wuz hired for diversity not because I am qualified, should be her go to answer !!

  4. I would love to hear the conversations on planning on how they will spin issues related to Biden policies. These people are not dumb, but they are soulless liars with no conscience.

  5. But isn't fun to watch, poor Karine getting her medicine. She always says, " Look, you know, well, here the thing, Uh, Um". She's out of her depth, in deep water and the life guard is on vacation.

  6. You want this, you want to show the American people how stupid the left is and their ideas are, without these idiots in the White House and in government the American people will never wake up this is a gift and an eye opener

  7. Did you see how excited she got when she thought she had an out when that reporter said there are a thousand things going on…. Then he lays down the hammer again 😂😂😂

  8. AMERICA has Turned into a Real Time Version of the Twilight Zone I'm just waiting for the Big Plot Twist at the End.So Get your popcorn and Watch the Show….It's Dog & Pony….

  9. red flag laws are BS. They'll do nothing about it. I guarantee implementation of such laws would put a lot of people from minority groups on lists and prevent them from defending themselves. that wouldn't a good look.

    What they really mean is we'll only stop straight, white, men if anyone. it's the only group they can take rights away from and no one bats an eye. which is another reason why no one is talking about the race of the recent shooters.

  10. I remember when Pete D. was a goofy kid with his goofy dad and would do some part time stuff on Fox when he was graduating from Villanova. Really light weight stuff. Who'd a thunk it that he is now a courageous, hard hitting old skool journalist asking the questions that need asking. He has grown up. You can see he has aged. He has lines in his face, bags under his eyes and has grown salty like the rest of us. Like the rest of us, he has grown wiser and ain't gonna put up with the BS anymore.

  11. We need to be encouraging more women to start breast feeding right away instead of relying on formula. I get that the "factories" shut back down after a while if not used but new babies are born every day and I see no reason they should also suffer.

    Thoughts? What am I missing? Is it being encouraged and I just haven't seen it? Are there additional issues for new mothers I'm ignorant of? Is it possible to restart lactation several months after the baby is born?

    Am just snek. Don't know much about the the milkies.

  12. I would make guns harder to get hold just because I don't like guns. That's it. I don't like them. Best argument I've heard against guns in a while. I don't like them.

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