When You Download Too Much CNN Into Your Brain Drives!


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  1. It’s not just targeting right anymore it’s now bleeding into everyone’s life that includes the guy that’s being interviewed that’s where the message needs to go to the next level it’s a american issue that effects everyone that guy lives in a captured mind world

  2. Can you please do a piece on the chinese economic collapse that's going on? There's a few factors I know about but i'd like to learn more about it from a researcher like yourself. The two things I know about is that there are massive bank runs occuring, and also housing builders are having debt limitations applied to them that is grinding the entire process to a halt. I think it's worth covering as it will either outright prevent or necessitate them going to war.

  3. That guy that was interviewed is a perfect example of what I say…..liberals make these accusations and when asked for an example…… crickets…..and they walk away . Great job proving what fools they all are.

  4. Question. If Pres. Obama left office with 15 boxes of classified documents, what would FOX and Trump/ GOP subordinates be talking about? Donald Trump is not a victim. There is no deep state. Trump stole top secret classified documents. They repeatedly told him not to do this. Trump refused to return the documents. Why?.

  5. What a dummy leftist in the video. "I'm done talking now" lol The ideology of this guy to just hate someone or something when he has no evidence to do so. It would be like not liking a school down the road from me and I speak negatively of it despite never going to it and someone asks me what's wrong with the school in comparison to other schools and I just use this guy's response

  6. They really have no idea why he is hated so much…but, hey…”I was told to hate him and I always do what I’m told.” Such a great Patriot who can also reproduce…at least I think he can reproduce. I’m not a biologist.

  7. Freaking morons ! Completely hypnotized zombies. Zombies creatures that can’t sustain their own lives. I truly believe they are killing themselves off. Just stay healthy stash food , weapons , ammo , not to the the aggressor just the survivor. Trust me the mentally confused, morally bankrupt ,and the sexual perverse are freaking doomed if we don’t play.

  8. When there is a growing parasitic population living off the backs of the working people..democrats have become a nationwide problem!..the Brandon administration is to blame for all this and more!

  9. I cant wait for two things this year. 1.Nov midterms,,,,,2. Once the Republicans get the house and senate back (if they do their jobs that is) and do exactly what is being done to President Trump and the rest of us, to the dems, the double standards of the dems bitching about illegal search and seizure and so forth,,,,,,,the memes will be endless!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. He is not a liberal at all. This is what is so infuriating. I’m a liberal. I will fight for the rights of those who disagree with me. That’s called diversity. Today’s newspeak liberals are closed minded and prejudiced against all others than themselves. That is so dangerous.

  11. It IS a violent cult. They worship Marxism and Wokeness. It's their god, and they do its bidding without a second thought because all they HAVE is belief. Replace any god with this stuff with any horrible cult or rampaging religion in history, and it's the exact same thing. It's why they don't want religion in schools and to teach hatred of religion…because then people will take woke and Marx as their god…and this is what we get.

  12. If you believe something so important irrefutably they should be able to mention at least one fact….not much just a single fact please. I don't get it, how can you be so adamant when you can't even think up a single little fact!

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