When You Fly Above The Very Rules You Want EVERYONE Else To Follow

Science™ for thee but not for them.

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  1. His father was famed for his strong intellect, commitment to freedoms, and great popularity.

    He is famed for his slow-mindedness, shocking love of tyranny, and winning two straight elections with less than one-third of the vote.

  2. Hope they enjoy their SADS and Morgelons by blindly and voluntarily trusting the health authorities.

    At least they can travel after taking their jabs. I am forbidden to travel. I am a pure blood, unaltered. The gene editing heavy metal and a8ort3d cell laden vials.

    This platform censors the truth.

  3. Prison for life, no parole! In recent history, not a single true tyrant di what this POS did. BTW, he is a pu55y, a wannabe tyrant, holding onto his mom's dress. Little annoying arrogant POS!

  4. I'm actually going to start siding with the elites. You guys are literal sheep who deserve this because none of you will stand up and do something about it. All of you are disgusting sheeple.

  5. This is not just a covid issue, it’s about safety in general. Can you imagine what would happen if a loud noise panicked everyone!! And as for Castro’s kid, he is in for karma trip of a life time. They think their are above the rules and the law. Mother Nature does know or care about these rules of law.

  6. I love how the video shows his daughter obviously sneezing into her hand (at least, it looked like she used her hand and didn't have part of her sweatshirt covering her hand) and not bothering to use hand sanitizer right afterward!

    (And I'm old enough to remember being taught to sneeze into my hand, not my sleeve; because you could wash your hands (where?) but the germs would stay on your sleeve forever.)

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