When You Just Can’t Accept DEFEAT.


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  1. I do not agree with this message that they get nothing. They get something too. They get to pay more, they get higher tuition for next generation, and an extra big pump to inflation. If this goes forth. US is going to go bankrupt.

  2. The only thing it would reveal is the illegal way the FBI has been run by the Democrat side for decades ever since George Bush Senior was director of the CIA. Which is just as guilty. And all those people involved in this including the clintons and the obamas are the ones through the documents are a threat to. The truth is always a threat to the criminals and they're trying to distract you in every way they can. The justice system will go down also because we have seen what they approve and don't even look at. Heads are going to roll.

  3. The left applauded their violence, bailed them out of jail, had their prosecutors turn a blind eye, but then accuse the right of signaling for violence that never comes to be. Then when there are issues we find it's dnc campaign assistance with their brand new nazi flags pretending to be trump supporters. If law and order isn't returned soon kiss it all goodbye

  4. The article cited here seems as if it were conjured from thin-air. Not a single (secret) source is named or referenced. Articles & feeds are concocted from wishes, wants & needs, all day long under today's free-for-all urinalistic ethical standards.
    TRUST !!

  5. Omg he is sending out a dog whistle. Funny how only the left ever sees dog whistles. They project way too much. Independents and conservatives don’t see these dog whistles only the left ever does. He’s not called for peace he’s actually calling for violence. We all know it. Another thing any media person that says an Anonymous source said this or that I automatically don’t believe cause they’ve lies too much and it isn’t worth my time anymore. Come out with real info then I’ll be more likely to believe it.

  6. It's so blatantly obvious at this point most if not all of the left should not have power. What has been done, what is being done, is treason. TREASON! It gets so much more obvious when they get exposed, or don't get their way. Instead of take accountable responsibility, they actually double down on their BS. These people are borderline treasonous domestic terrorists!

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