When You Just Can’t Get Over Trump Calling You A Pencil Neck.


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  1. Drag and a certain hotel. Handlers and Haitians. TV chef's untimely demise. Hell is hot, and the heat is on Schiffty to do the chief commander's bidding, or he may be left holding a rather disgusting bag.

  2. Thats nothing to what they have called trump and his family. Old pencil neck is a freaking joke and can be called much worse but trump has more class than them. What happening to the whistleblower with Russia. O wait he was the whistleblower. Like I say…they throw it all at the wall and whatever sticks is what they double and triple down on. This may just be the end of the democratic party

  3. And why are we talking about ballots now when this whole thing was about the capital invasion. Time to change tactics cause we have no clue how to defeat trump and to him them talking about a rigged election is the funniest thing I've heard today

  4. We the American civilians have always had the exclusive right to Abolish tyrannical government's involving anyone who works in government is unnecessary and stupid because involving anyone from government removes are exclusive right to Abolish tyrannical government we either have a responsibility duty and right or we don't government employees and elected officials only have a right to do there job under our constitution period

  5. The Jan 6th committee has absolutely screwed the democrats. For starters it's the worst political mis-step in modern history. This was done out of absolute malice, and desperation. The democrats absolutely desperate to find anything they can to prevent Trump from running again, and they've not only completely failed, but they've shot themselves in the head by trying. That isn't even to include their insane claims about electors, and that it's somehow a crime to try to sway electors when not only every democrat, but every hollywood liberal tried to get electors NOT to cast their electoral vote for Trump in 2016. So… as usual it's perfectly fine when Democrats do it, but it's wrong, and conservatives must be charged when they do what the democrats did.

    The reason the Democrats just committed political suicide is because now everyone is scream the Trump should be charged. The problem with that is first they need to prove intent. Which means they have to prove that he knew there was no fraud. The massive problem with that is the minute you even think about putting that to trial, is Trump now gets to introduce every single thing that he thought, or his campaign thought was fraud. Something that until that point has been ignored and swept under the rug by the democrats and the media. This means they would no longer be able to say there was no evidence of fraud, when Trump gets to legally introduce it in a courtroom. The reason it hasn't been done so in the past is because the courts refused to hear the case, not because it didn't exist. However trying to put Trump on trial, and say he knew there was no fraud, allows him to introduce every single issue he thought was fraudulent.

    That is a massive blow to democrats. So now they have two options the first being, you allow Trump a free reign to introduce and expose every instance of election fraud that he's found. Or….. you do nothing at all with this sham of a hearing, in which case you've just pissed off every liberal and democrat by exposing your lies, and then doing absolutely nothing about it.

  6. Isnt this the same Adam SH%IT that told us he had PROOF Trump was a Russian asset ?!?….that he colluded with Putin to win the Election ?!?….OH…MY….GOD !

  7. Most people are not going to watch the hearing, thats the game. They imply or say what they want you to believe, then bury the hearing as best they can so you dont get to see it unless you go out of your way to watch it.

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