When Your Trump Derangement Syndrome EVOLVES…


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  1. This is coming from a woman that took explicit nude photos of herself on her phone and now the photos are all over the internet. I'm willing to bet that she has never once watched Tucker Carlson, and she has no idea that H Clinton is a terrible and highly corrupt person. She sounds immature and has zero self-awareness.

  2. Suprising how liberals all seem to have 'evidence' from their therapists to support whatever story they're selling. Not surprising that all liberals seem to need therapists.

  3. It gives me nightmares that so many people (like Jennifer Lawrence) are walking with smiling faces toward a cliff and pushing everyone else in humanity along with them as we scream for them to stop,…but all they do is smile blankly and keep on walking as if in a trance.

  4. He can just do like AOC and say she just wants to have the bed funtime with me… rotfl.. The nightmare was her getting a clue and becoming a conservative… As Liberal Hivemind would, "Scary stuff folks". lol

  5. She tries to communicate with her family by dropping text messages to them.
    It probably comes across to them like arrogant, bratty little show-off-iness, like she's saying "See?!? SEE?!? I TOLD you Trump was evil all along!!!"
    It's good that her family doesn't engage with that Holly-weird, woke, cult nonsense!

  6. How fragile do you have to be to have recurring nightmares from a news anchor. If someone that was able to become a movie star can suffer "orange man bad syndrome" to this emotional extent is troubling. I wonder how many other emotionally damaged people vote against Trump on emotional reasons only. Logic, common sense, facts and reason doesn't exist in their minds, they are driven by emotional thinking, not critical thinking. Trump administration accomplishments are reality and a government document.

  7. I’ve never voted, I’m just a lazy stoner… but I was very very close to voting for Trump the first time he ran just because I never thought he would win. I’m not against him, he tried to do great things and got some good stuff done that’s for sure! But yeah I just never thought he would be president lol 😂
    If he ran again I would actually get off my lazy butt and vote for him 🤭

  8. #ProChoice is the most logical position to hold. It is freedom of choice and liberty as outlined in our constitution. Don't want to have an abortion, congrats you are free to not have one – I highly doubt anyone including conservatives would advocate for a State or Federal law forcing a woman to have an abortion.

    So why force a woman to have a baby against her will?

  9. All of these stars probably would talk much less about equally if not at all if they would get paid equally among their circles regardless of their efforts.
    Imagine how much Jennifer would love to get paid for her acting same as actor in the background.
    Equality, right?

  10. In addition to the opinions & beliefs the Left holds is this Meta-belief: "My beliefs are The Truth." This is ITSELF a belief! A 'logical' consequence of "My opinions are RIGHT" is that any opinion that deviates from the Left's narrative is WRONG. Makes perfect sense…right?

  11. Who's Jennifer Lawrence??? Don't watch TV at all. Only time on line is this phone to do biz an a few other things. Lol. I love my mountains. Solitude an playing music. Enjoy y'all's gossip.

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