When You’re So Hated Even Your Own Community Yells GET OFF THE STAGE!


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  1. But if you look at the undead demographic you see a lot of people raising from the grave just to vote that we should remove the 2nd amendment. Man zombies really don't want us to have any rights huh?

  2. Are you guys sure Ilhan was booed??? Ive listened to it a dozen and more times and I hear the cheering and shouting "hip hip horay for the stupendious and highly intellegent Ilhan Omar"…. Im very suprised the highly regarded, respected by all balanced and fair play media didnt report it this way.

  3. Sorry…unless my ears were playing tricks on me I heard more sounds that sounded like cheering than booing. We’ll see come election day just how “unpopular” she is.

  4. I live in Minneapolis in her district, in a neighborhood with a large Somali population. Ilhan Omar is despised and reviled by the vast majority of the Somali population – and has been for years. The Somali community is not the reason she has remained in office here. It is difficult to understand how she has stayed in office, as only the progressive left cultists have.any love for her. And they are thin on the ground in her district. We don't have great voter turnout, and there have been very few viable alternatives. Even so, there has been talk of shifty dealings at the ballot box. The event you showed here has been the cause of many proud and happy conversations in my neighborhood. Hopes are high that we'll soon see the end of her.

  5. So basically… if you are a Democrat politician… You can say anything to literally get people killed, outwardly, unapologetically, while accusing others of doing the same, who aren't really doing anything as such at all, and you will never have any consequences because somehow you get enough people bought and paid for to keep voting for you? That is how it works?

    You can literally be a total racist, literally say the most hateful and vile things about America and Americans, and somehow you just walk around with no issues at all?

    Democrats and RINOs in this country are evil

  6. When the Democrats cheat this time its going to make the internet explode with all the votes that they will have to come up with to surpass the Republicans. Lol 😆 🤣 😂

  7. I lost you at the Hispanic are natural conservatives. They don’t vote that way so they’re most definitely not conservative. Actions speak louder than words my man.

  8. We know that her district, there is a lot of ballot harvesting going on. They’ll put cash in your one hand while they take your ballot. All on video, yet Dems act like that never happened.

  9. A question from the other side of the Atlantic…. Who votes for this woman and others like AOC? They are representatives in your government so somebody must believe in them. Are the voters the same people who still give Biden an approval rating despite being the worst politician I have ever seen (and that includes those in Banana republics). Are they from planet Earth?

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