When You’re Such A Nutcase Even Bill Maher Can See It!


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  1. He Meat Head you are not in the same reality as most of us .. Also you are very opinionated and argumentive if someone disagrees with you .. You don't know everything about everything and you are not at all aware of the Storm Rhet will End Hollywood for Good !!

  2. An armed Insurrection?? Nobody was armed unless yiur talking about months of mostly peaceful roots in 2020 .. You know yiur lying and I can see that it's based in unwarranted hatred for president Trump

  3. Meathead with busted right in the middle of it he couldn't even answer anything Papa Smurf needs to go back to his crony place or whatever what a fool he's as good of an actor as he was in the '70s garbage. And cobach are what an evil human so she's saying it's justified because there was a little riot at the Capitol some idiots went in there not an insurrection he got to quit labeling it's something it's not what a scary human her whole crew quit on her because she's evil just like Hillary just like Kamala just like pelosi

  4. Klobuchar & Meat Head were clairvoyant. The November 2020 election was before January 6, 2021. The Hunter Biden laptop which had been in FBI possession, should have been suppressed because they knew that Pelosi and DC Mayor would not allow the National Guard to be deployed on Jan 5/6 2021. Now it all makes sense. Mark Zuckerberg would not have wasted $400,000,000 in funding his 2,000 mules, Americans would have known how corrupt the Biden family and voted for Trump.

  5. My prediction: Bill will quit by early 2023 an start a new venture speaking what he really thinks. He's a smart guy, always has been. I think he just got stuck in the loop for a period of his life.

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