When You’re Working Overtime Trying To Start Another War..


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  1. When they say things like "this is an opportunity" they actually saying "we did it & now we're going to capitalize on it in every way possible"! It's the same type of SHITE that these DS creatures have been saying & doing for decades, we're NOT going to let them get by with it anymore!! CALL THEM OUT

  2. And thus to be dependent on American energy for higher economical footprint in transportation, and USA can cash in all that money instead of Russia. Yeah, and USA has nothing to win on this war, rith?

  3. The fall of America started awhile ago. That stupid double agent everyone voted for just cuz he's darker skinned sealed it's fate. The Obama's need to be executed. And the bush's. And pelosis. And about twenty others.
    But it won't happen. Good job America, you killed yourself.

  4. BUT when it comes to Taiwan I agree that they should atleast be a free nation. If you do some basic history you would see how Taiwanese people came from China during a civil war between nationalism vs communism. Communism won and after taking an L they retreated to taipe.

  5. Yeah, I agree with you.

    We should not be in their fight. Russia has a legit reason for going after Ukraine (which reason is very much similar to our reason for going after Iraq). The Nato forces only mess with Russia 'cause WE [USA] are paying and providing the soldiers for it. They didn't do this after Trump threaten to leave Nato. And they ONLY began after Biden openly affirmed the old ways. If you think a War isn't going to involve us, then you are living in a fools' dream– the UN is trying to build USA as a patsy; just like how they thought they could turn Russia to serfdom.

    If anyone thinks this is a "Black and White" issue, then they are dumber than the idiot leftys. When they say "opportunity", they mean Humanistic Political Change [Marxism or Socialism]. These people hate life; they hate humans. These idiots would go to any extreme to control others, even covering up major treason from Clinton days as Sec. of Defense.

    Yeah remember that– remember in the little leaks about the files she shredded, there was papers of her selling off nuclear material and US secrets through the Clinton Foundation. This just so happened at the time when Joe's son started on the energy board and stopped when he left. This just so happened when Biden was vice president– and he personally went over to Ukraine to stop investigations looking into his son's dealings.

    The topper is remember Russia was about to go to war with Turkey because they found terrorist on the southern Russian boarder, and traced them to Ukraine AND THEN to Turkey. Remember how Russia wanted to help with the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but was running into Turkey forces actively shooting down Russian plans and killing Russian troops.

    The sad truth is that a lot will not be known 'cause the key figure was allowed to escape Justice for the time being. With those files, went the truth; the best bet for us is to leave them alone. The "Deep Swamp" started some serious shit all the way back in the Obama days, and a fraction of it is just coming to light. This is murky and do not stand up for dumb-ass criminals that started this mess.

    And if anyone that reads this still needs a "Black and White" outlook:

    Trump's plan was to focus on America and rebuild through Fate and Tradition– The Fate he invoked and the Traditions he hearken was Christianity. He professed Christ's name and lordship. The one's against him are believers of some form of Humanism [whether it be Communism, Socialism, or Marxism], which can be fine argued came from the foundations of Satanism. The Humanistic movement was a political movement against the Church and Christian teachings.

    That can't get more "Black and White" than that.

    You are right– the UN has fucked themselves and I say we laugh.

  6. Actually, the virtue signaling from the Democrats is just a smokescreen.
    (As everything is when you are dealing with them)
    The Ukraine has been a puppet state ever since the United States overthrew their government back in 2014.
    The Democrats have been using it for money laundering and other criminal enterprises ever since.
    Who benefits? The criminal cabal that is the Democrat party.

  7. I think it comes down too the fact that you cannot make as much money on peace like you can with war. Definitely agree with the opportunities comment on how despicable it is just like when Hilary said something similar i.e. Covid being a good opportunity…! We benefit nothing from this war and basically we run out of food since farmers will no longer have fertilizer to grow food and the globalists want this!

  8. The Democrats have wanted this war since Obama. Hillary flat-out predicted/promised war with Russia in her 2016 campaign. The ONLY thing that stopped/delayed the Democrat war on Russia was Donald Trump(2024)!

  9. It is a hangover of sorts from the Secind World War. Where we DID impose "Western Values" on two THOROUGHLY DEFEATED ENEMIES(Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan). That these efforts succeeded…made politicians think it would work again. And again.

  10. The reason why Biden's regime wants the war in Ukraine to go on is to distract the people of the United States as to how bad Joe Biden's Administration is in the United States. Sadly it's not working

  11. They just want Putin out and put in their own Zelensky type puppet. So they're antagonizing him, trying to force his hand. They don't want peace with Russia or the war to stop, instead they will escalate things further and further until Putin either crosses the line or they can get him removed.

  12. People need to know that Ukraine has been killing its own people in the Donbas region for the last eight years those people want it out they wanted to be a part of Russia when they voted for the annex Ukrainians were shelling the polling stations to try to deter them from voting

  13. You are trying to knock Russia down as the only equally as large energy resource supplier.
    But in American fashion it's backfired and made them richer and more unified with the rest of the world against the globalist criminals

  14. I love your stuff, I know this is just your opinion. But this whole NATO encroachment myth has got to stop. A. name one time NATO invaded another country with force, crossing their sovereign boarders, expanding NATO. I'll wait. Buffer Nations wishing to leave the stone age, BEGGING/ASKING/WANTING to join a better life IS NOT EXPANSION. They literally watch RUSSIA invade Georgia, Moldova, South Ossetia, Chechnya, Abkhazia. Accepting countries who want to join NATO for the same reason NATO formed in the first place is NOT Expansion.

    Now placing missiles in friendly NATO countries, specifically 1st strike capabilities closer to a boarder with Russia, in an attempt to rattle the saber we can have a discussion about. Those i would agree with you are provocations. But joining NATO because you no longer want to be the designated battlefield when shit goes down is NOT Expansion.

  15. This is the one subject that I disagree on you with. Russia has already let us know that if we let it, it will keep trying to expand violently. This is the third time they've done this in the region. We need to let them know that this will not be tolerated.

  16. We need to get back to producing oil locally. Then work on nuclear power, and moving production back to the states. Cut off foreign oil and products. This would massively improve America. And we should not help Ukraine in their war. Instead, we could help Taiwan.

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