Where Are Biden’s Boundaries?

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“Everyone, regardless of their gender expression or age, deserves to walk through this world with their physical boundaries intact and not living in fear that they will be violated.” – @anthonyzenkus, trauma expert

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  1. I hate this, HATE it! Makes me feel like lve been violated. I would have punched him in the face.
    I’m teaching my granddaughters to kick people and behavior like that!

  2. Someone needs to show Joe Rogan this on his podcast…and people with large twitter followings need to share this video to their followers.


  3. This is definitive proof we live in some kind of 'fake' reality where very sick people, or people with a twisted sense of humor, can completely blind the majority of people and keep them under a spell which only those at the highest levels of consciousness aren't susceptible to, and looking at all this while everyone else just follows the official narratives and becomes a satanic whore. How could anyone with a child vote for…this?

  4. What’s more shameful is this has been circulating on the internet for years now. Why else do you think his nickname is “Creepy” Joe Biden. Yet this is the best democrats can do? Oh and this video is nothing compared to the pizzagate REAL EVIDENCE that’s out in the internet. People fail to realize how much sickness is going on in DC and Hollywood. The reason you actually have to investigate for yourself is because the mainstream media doesn’t report it for a reason.

  5. Left says Biden wants to love your children. Right says Biden wants to molest your children. Hide your kids hide your wife. I dont trust demons with cufflinks.

  6. If you don't vote for Trump you ain't Black…I mean I got Hairy LEGS(starts Dancing) VOTE for JOE BIDEN….(Ending credits. “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to #$&@ something up.” —Barack Obama)