Where are the chorus of doctors? (from Livestream #149)

Certainty of doctors

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #149 (originally streamed live on Nov 12, 2022):

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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a high percentage of saline doses in the first jabs in an effort to recruit Drs into being a largely undamaged and therefore convinced and willing actors that then (righteously as they had experienced zero side effects themselves) into leading the sheep to slaughter. Later roll outs had way less “saline type” batches….. The missing chorus is due to these Drs not wanting to admit they were duped

  2. Dear Dr Brett Weinstien thank you for your further review into the narrative…. I am now continuing to request that you revisit the non benign SP1 synthesised spike protein being used… Pseudouridine has been shown in multiple trials to be a unstable and very risky material to use… The effects of biuld ups must be helping to contribute to the health issues all over the world most heavily treated by the new interventions….!!???
    I believe that you will find the best explanation is from your own US colleague Dr James Thorp MD qualified in Obstetrics….

  3. such good points. imo they were told to took it like an example for others (to boost trust in vax), it was like branding or iniciation,

    imagine if ppl would choose their personal doctors from which vax they got kek

  4. In Australia, there's no chorus of protesting doctors because they will be suspended or barred from practice if they give advice contrary to the narrative. Senator Gerrard Rennick questioned the regulatory bodies about this yesterday. Even the vaccine injured cannot get a medical exemption from boosters because the doctors fear the consequences.

  5. I live in a tiny, isolated town, & one of my very close friends is a dentist. He is not rich, but comfortable. He is one of the most generous people I know. Although, he's not a doctor he understands science enough to be a dentist. I wasn't floored that he trusted vaccines because my dear friend, his wife, is an old, true hippie & is holistic, & is always disagreeing with him so I knew where he'd fall on this issue.
    My question is that why are so many that are educated falling for it? He's not toeing the line because of money, trust me, these people are not like that.
    My friend the wife thinks that he was brainwashed by western medicine straight out of the textbooks in dental school.
    Is this the case with many of the doctors that cheered on these vaccines?
    All 3 of our doctors in our small town are the same. Cheerleaders for the jab, but while I don't know them personally like I do the dentist, they work insane hours (we're 6 hours from a traffic light), they live in normal homes, & drive reasonable cars. I do not think it's the evilness of greed in these cases.

  6. Many doctors and nurses and respiratory therapist, pharmacists and and and…
    Are still asleep! I still cant talk to people in the medical profession about what has happened and still is happening. They have eyesxand cannot see, earsxand cannot hear…

  7. What she said!!! they took it 1st (doctors) so they will think they not seen any issues so continue to blame patient health 1st. Like obesity etc. When in reality…WHERE THEY BLANKS FOR 1ST RESPONDERS?

  8. This is one the dangers of the exponential increase in the takeover of independent private practices. Doctors have lost autonomy and the freedom to practice medicine based on knowledge, experience and the oath to do no harm. They are simply not allowed and could possibly open themselves and their large medical conglomerate employers to lawsuits if they were to admit their complicity in these crimes against humanity.

  9. The monolithic NHS in the UK produces doctors and nurses who are trained by Big Pharma, and think that medicine consists of handing out the latest pill. They are wary and ignorant about
    any alternative or preventative medicine. I used to think they knew the truth but were too scared to speak out and this may be the explanation in many cases. But there is also an astonishing level of ignorance. A recent conversation with my GP (young and very nice) ended up with me teaching him about the role of cholesterol etc etc. Because of course from his point of view its statins for everyone over the age of 60. They seem unaware of the failure of most medicaments to treat illness. And before someone accuses me of being a crank, the BMJ did a study some years ago looking at NHS treatments and concluded that only 15% could be judged effective.

  10. I know all this….and I know doctors who stood up and lost their positions too. But when something like this comes along….I believe they took an oath…and it's for exactly this set of circumstances that medical, military, legal and political people take oaths.
    Better we just get rid of the oaths because the absolute corruption of the whole system is now complete and oaths don't mean didley squat anymore.

  11. All doctors are drug dealers. They make sick people, they hate healthy people. Period. "doctors" are NOTHING but morons who are able to memorize things and will bleat whatever they have to to make them feel comfortable. They are normally killers.

  12. My hypothesis on Vaccine
    Adverse Reaction Variation (VARV)
    • Long Covid – spike generated
    The amount of spike generated is depended on the actual viable mRNA injected which its content varies both from sites of productions and storage conditions. This is much lesser than 55-85%, at the ideal laboratory storage conditions specified.
    • VARV – mRNA vaccine leaks amount
    1. IM given at deltoid carry 12% risk of vaccine leaks. Out of which
    2. Amount of volume leaks varies depending on the size of punctured micro blood vessels. This leaked volume likely to be smaller representing not more than 30%(?) of the total injectable volume.
    3. This final leaked volume is further subjected to viable mRNA content variation as layout in long covid summary.
    Together point 2 and 3 combined must meet the minimum threshold of the amount of viable mRNA in order to cause VARV.

    Please inquire for more detail.

  13. Why do some people have adverse events? I am hoping that some brilliant doctor can figure this out because so many young people are still being forced to take it in New York and California. If we knew why, maybe the effects could be countered or at least, those people could be exempt. Additionally, once you've been damaged by vaccination, how do you "undo" the damage. To help with my chronic pain, in my thirties, I did the famous maple syrup fast. My mind and body never felt clearer…lots of aches and pains vanished as old toxins were slowly "exited" out of my body. There must be a way to counter the negative effects of the vaccine…more and more people are going to be harmed irreparably, and young people, if we don't do something fast.

  14. I am an RN at a prestigious children's hospital that espouses the value of "practice with a questioning attitude". However, when it came to questions about adverse reactions (and even efficacy), we were hushed and our concerns framed as unfounded and misinformation.

  15. doctors might be saying nothing for whatever reasons they have but Life Insurance providers will tell you they are seeing unanticipated increase in the numbers of DEATHS claims in the working age adults that are NOT associated with having gotten the virus – they 'don't know why' . . . (but 'unknown causes' is becoming a much more popular cause of death than it was previously – jus' sayin')

  16. I've had family members with obviously related side-effects where Doctors have dismissed the possibility of it being vaccine related right off the bat. "You've never had a "cardiac event" before? You had a booster 5 days ago? Definitely not the vaccine but let's send you to A&E for a check up." Kafkaesque or what?

  17. And they wonder why we don't trust Drs any more, not sure i ever will again. They fell into lock step too easily for me. There wasn't any science in the lock down it was all generated fear. I didnt drink their koolaide.. GOD bless you stay strong and free.

  18. 'The City' (1/26/21)
    By: VerifyTruth
    'There Is No Venue For An Honest Merchant In A Den Of Thieves.
    There Is No Hospice For An Honest Physician In A Hostel Of Harm.
    There Is No Desk For An Honest Author In A Polity That Burns Books.
    There Is No Tenure For An Honest Teacher In A College Of Freuds.
    There Is No Place For The Honest Truth In A City Built Of Lies.'

  19. They're dead to me. Doctor Zelenko, one of the few good ones died a few months ago. I'd rather educate and treat myself than use any help from those cowardly, stupid creatures. Let them treat themselves or those who believe their bullshit science.

  20. And we knew that they couldn't know the long term affects. And we lost that little bit of remaining trust we had in the medical establishment. Now the doctors will reap what they have sown.

  21. It was a calculated and targeted campaign of lies by the authorities. They need to be held fully accountable. There’s enough evidence now to enact #Nuremberg2 and make examples out of these evil parasitic leaders and authorities.

  22. Once upon a time Doctors ran and managed their practices. Today they are managed by corporations who now control the medical treatment you receive. Over the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that the corporate bottom line and narrative is more important than your health.

  23. The fall into a few categories: 1. They are all afraid to go against the government program. It's about liability and malpractice. They can always say that they "strictly followed the government guidelines" to shield themselves from liability. 2. They are in the pocket of the pharmaceuticals. 3. The are morons. Yes this is possible They can be smart and one respect and completely imbicilic in others. These doctors are sheep who want to be in the cool club and accept anything from the government media complex as gospel.

    A personal anecdote. After having COVID 19 I was told that i need to get vaccinated. He wasn't that convincing. I told my doctor that I'll pass and he shrugged his shoulders satisfied that it didn't matter but he did what he was supposed to do. I got a call afterward and was told again that I needed to get vaccinated after my tests came it. I was told that my antibodies were low and that the doctor thinks i need the vaccination. But why wasn't the doctor not administering it? Why did i have to go to Walgreens? Why did it not show up in my post visit follow up paperwork? My doctor is in category 1 and he was playing both sides.

  24. Overlords seem to have blocked my previous comment… its a sad, sad world we live in.

    My parents have their own doctors who are suffering the consequences of going along with taking the experiment multiple times.

    One is on medical leave and hopes to be back in a few months, but with a brain tumor no one knows. She didn't even know yet if it was operable.

    Cardiologist had to take medical retirement because he developed health issues after 3rd that 4th made so bad he can no longer work.

    It's scary…. it's sad… it's infuriating.

  25. It is very difficult to imagine that so many doctors were convinced of the official narrative in the first place when other forces were clearly at play, the real issue is that healthcare systems now serve a very different function and non compliance is not a viable option especially to the majority of physicians who come from comfortable middle class backgrounds and are effectively in the pockets of the pharmaceutical "industry". It would be most unrealistic to expect change by itself, and this might also explain the number of excess mortalities unrelated to "coronavirus", could these simply be poor people with pre existing conditions who have received no proper medical attention for years? Or poorer patients who are no longer seen in person, far less diagnosed with anything?

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