Where Are We Heading? Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian

Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian on a multitude of subjects surrounding wokeism, Covid, and the endpoint of our present course.

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00:00 Introduction
04:20 Sponsors
08:08 Woke ideology and confirmation bias
13:00 Professors and institution’s culture
17:30 Thinking critically
24:21 Shared characteristics of woke
30:38 Responding to friends who you disagree with
37:22 Pandemic and expertise
43:22 I stopped listening to NPR when…
51:06 Is Wokeism an existential threat?
56:00 The Selfish Gene and culture
01:03:00 Is Wokeism seeded by foreign entities?
01:10:12 New atheists and woke
01:14:28 Wrap up

Written by Bret Weinstein


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  1. Brett could you bring on John Pilger? Fantastic journalist with a wide body of work. Would love to hear you two talk.
    Hes championing the release of Julian Assange, a no brainer. I’d love to hear a discussion between you two beyond that.

  2. Please get James Lindsay on the show pronto, and then send him to speak with Jrdn Ptrsn directly after. Those are conversations that need to be had and heard as widely as possible.

  3. I really enjoy listening to Bret and team but it drives me nuts that they can’t see that they’re intellectual atheism has contributed to and perhaps even caused all of these problems. Hopefully their relentless pursuit of the truth will lead them to Christ and His Church.

  4. Thanks for posting this helpful and entertaining discussion.
    Now that the civilities are out of the way… Where the heck do we get Peter's t-shirt?

  5. You didn’t need to be an expert in biology or diseases to understand that something was wrong in the way the pandemic was being handled. There was enough anecdotal evidence available early on to realize that something was wrong in the way the authorities were proceeding. There was a definite agenda involved it the “approved” approach to the disease.

  6. If I told 100 corporations to imagine the ‘perfect’ leftist, 9 times out of 10 they’d select the modern wokism. That 10th corporation, they simply didn’t realize they could use an existing group for their selection. I think the woke were grown by corporations who’ve done everything to avoid economic change and the costs associated with it.

  7. While discussing how far left NPR is, just remember that NPR overwhelmingly told voters it couldn’t risk Bernie. NPR receives an overwhelming amount of cash from international corporations. These are historically hostile to leftists but I think they’ve created their perfect opposition.

  8. Hello Bret, and to the family as well, Bret it seems to me like you're attributing ghost in the machine like properties to our genes, I've noticed this over a few of your previous podcasts as well. I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding where you are going with this line of thought and could you possibly expand the properties you think genes might have beyond their need to propagate. Lee Cronin and Sara Imari Walker talk about the memory in structure on the most basic parts of our universe, is this the direction you're moving towards.

    Hope you are all well, peace

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