Where is Joe?

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Written by GOP


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  1. Joe cannot be bothered while on vacation! Even when he puts the world in dire straits, and jeopardizes national security like we've never seen before.. evil dictators need their rest too!

  2. When is the ninety days time frame up on his investigation ninto the origin of the China virus up. Our findings" after extensive investigation we can't determine the exact origin of the Chinese virus", thanks for coming.

  3. Biden needs to be impeached or removed from office immediately as well as his vice president as well as pelosi and Schumer and somebody needs to step up and put the American government back on track. We have hostages and yes I'm calling them hostages in Afghanistan now American citizens in fear of losing their lives and this administration twiddles their thumbs and ignores them they don't give a damn about America or Americans and if this doesn't show you that blatantly then you're blind and you're as guilty as they are

  4. Biden said he did the best he could do but that came practically on the heels of him blaming it all on Trump. Sorry, can't have it both ways. This shows Biden doesn't have a clue what he's doing and needs to be impeached. Pelosi and Kamala need to go at the same time because they would be worse than Biden as I'm sure Biden isn't making these brain blistering screw-ups all by himself. He's too far gone mentally. The others are simply hiding behind Biden's blunders.

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