Which institutions are captured and no longer functioning? (from Livestream Q&A #94)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #94 (originally streamed live on August 28, 2021):


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  1. FCC is the biggest one they straight up are not enforcing consumer protection laws that are decades old. Right to repair wouldn't even be a problem if the laws already on the books were enforced.

  2. People want the post office to be profitable because they don't want to pay 8-9 billion on it to supplement the 70 some billion it brings in on user fees. Profitability would be a boon as that 8-9 billon can be spent elsewhere or removed from the budget. We are talking about a business that could run entirely without tax money without a massive pricetag. Take it from 50 cents to 70 wow profitability at little loss billions removed from taxes. Wait cut some redundancy like 3 post offices in a town of 200 people further profit. Now you have a company working at a profit funding itself and government expenditures. You've now freed billions from the government spending problem now just a couple trillion to go so we don't destroy our currency.

  3. If the Covid class War has taught us anything it's that we have to stop thinking of the American "left" as left. They are the bourgeoisie & the bourgeoisie does the bidding of the ruling class.🤩

  4. Its the problem with centralized control and socialism. You cannot keep them any organization from corrupting, and its a government institution so it cannot fail. The founding fathers of this country were very wise. States need more power and get rid of all the bloated Federal organizations. And remember, Crony Capitalism is just partial Socialism.

  5. Pretty simple. Look to the directors of any program and the presidential cabinet. If they are formerly or become corporate executives, lobbyists, or corporate lawyers, after they leave…it has been captured. The former director of the FDA that left in 2018 is now an exec at Pfizer.

  6. Expose people to anti- state philosophies early in high school so they can think critically when presented with absurd propaganda. My favorite is Rothbard's "Anatomy of the State", had I read it early i would not have been shocked on my first trip to the DMV. Btw FAA = Fascist Air Administration

  7. Careers in one institution for life exist ONLY if you drink the kool aid and part of the corrupt elite in this current corporate world… It no longer matters if one is intelligent or has a good work ethic. Institutions would rather hire 3 lazy dumbaxx employees that are part of the kool aid system versus one employee that actually works. Thats the reason we have such a broken corporate and financial corporate system today …. Seems as though so many companies' staff today cant even answer simple financial questions or provide the wrong answer…. It is due to hiring the "right fit" , the "right look", the "kool aid drinker" … That's why there is a large pool of incompetency .

  8. The breakdown of "functioning" govt agencies in my state is due to leadership whereas politicians appoint their relatives that can not find or retain jobs and politicians appoint them as directors of agencies and these folks have no clue to what they are doing. The system ends up being run by low level subordinates with no direction or leadership and it becomes a disastrous mess especially when theres embezzlement corruption and… The politicians appointed "one" is never accountable .. just the subordinate. It is amazing how much embezzlement happens and this is due to incompetent leadership.

  9. In the UK, we have the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) which is sometimes nicknamed the Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds as they don't do a particularly good job!

  10. USPS, NASA, NOAA are possible examples of institutions not cptured. The lower the political stakes, the lower the regulatory oversight, and the smaller the pork barrel the less likely the capture.

  11. Keep an eye on the post office….. I still do NOT trust DeJoy and whenever we are distracted… more crap will happen. the march to privatization and destruction of the US postal system is still ongoing.

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