While Dems scream about “press freedom,” Tulsi defends Assange

Question to Tulsi asked by @DackRouleau

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. I don't know of a more urgent matter in this world than #ASSANGE FREEDOM . The #1 thing in the minds of all Americans specially today when we know that our entire government has been highjacked by Zionist, PEDOPHILE, war profiteers than having #ASSANGE FREE.


  2. So, Amy, where are you on Assange? I don't recall you calling for his release ever. Perhaps I'm wrong if so, please speak up more clearly, more frequently and very, very loudly.

  3. It's a damn shame that Tulsi is the only one speaking out for Assange. The rest are apparently afraid they'll be blacklisted by Dem officials if they give any support to him especially since he's Public Enemy No. 1 as far as the Democrats are concerned.

  4. Bernie is a fake. Pushed talking points about Maduro, Russia gate, barely acknowledged Assange, nebulous foreign policy, never once stuck up for Tulsi about her treatment by the DNC. Supported Hillary after she back stabbed him. Trump would eat him alive. Still networks like TYT suck his Weiner and Warren and smear Tulsi. Then say she hates Muslims and has bad foreign policy.

  5. Tulsi is the only Democratic Presidential candidate who has expressed opposition to regime change wars, U.S. military-backed coups and sanctions. She has stood up for Freedom of Speech (First Amendment) which as part of the Constitution, should be a litmus test for anyone running for President. She is the only Democratic Presidential candidate who has spoken out in support of freeing Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning and of pardoning Edward Snowden. Every candidate and every elected official takes an oath to defend the Constitution. This means defending the F irst Amendment. One audience member pointed out that candidates failing to call for the freeing of Julian Assange have violated their oath of office and should immediately resign from Congress if they are currently in Congress.

  6. I think that's the one thing I admire about her. She's willing to drop the vice chair because she felt it was the right thing to do (before he endorsed Clinton). She's willing to sacrifice her reputation essentially exposing what we're doing overseas. And she's willing to risk her life to serve the American people. She's pretty giving and the thing is, she does not care whether one likes her or not. Agree with her or not, but she definitely does have a set of principles. And even with the impeachment vote, she didn't see any purpose of voting yes or no especially when it was over a phone call. She said it was protest and to be honest, I'm kind of glad she did. The whole thing was an absolute joke. Impeech him over a phone call and turn a blind eye to his war crimes… makes so much sense.

  7. I bet you wont hear anything from Ana kasparian on this. She even criticized tulsi for her leaving the dnc and saying it wasnt on principle lol.

  8. During the Kavanugh hearing Klobuchar moaned that she knew alcoholic abuse, her father was and alcoholic. During the last debate on press freedom, she moans, I have a the greatest right to speak about freedom of the press: My Dad was a (alcoholic?) newspaper man! How versatile and convenient her father is.

  9. Tulsi the same person that was attacked by Clinton and others as a Russian asset turns into a coward and votes present. She knew it was a fake impeachment she knew he didn't do it yet she voted present. Is she had a spine she would have voted no. Maybe Hillary was right she is a Russian asset because she clearly pushed the Russia narrative forward against Trump.

  10. Assange is being tortured in prison in the UK. Tulsi's position on Assange is the only unequivocal support for the First Amendment by any Democratic candidate including Bernie's equivocating on Assange.

  11. Everything in their world is built upon narrative. This is just one more narrative in a sea of them….
    The truth is, the only time I've seen the lever of powers used against journalists have been by democrats

  12. Vote your conscience on November 3rd 2020 and write in Tulsi Gabbard for our new president of these USA and all our American territories. Let we the people get rid of those private corporations the DNC and RNC and the hold all those greedy sociopathic international corporations that generate distractions, topple 3rd world countries and manufacture American public consent through their control of the internet, mass medias and owned elected officials.

  13. Oh my God. This Buttiegieg or something like that show's so much that he is a narcistic asshole. He's such a deciever who only care about himself. He would be as worst as Trump that's for sure.