While You’re All Distracted By Russia…

Russia, Putin, Oligarchs – they’re the real baddies, right? And on top of it they’re to blame for hyper-inflation and our current economic struggles. That’s settled then. #Putin #Corruption #Billionaires

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. As a homeless middle age man who has to live with/ take care of his mother while working I can say, this is American… In reality we're all poor immigrant gypsies… And the oligarchs and kings and Presidents will be okay and we will always be gypsies.

  2. No no!!! All eyes need to be on the whole Russia thing. It's not a distraction. It's potentially humanity's end.
    Just not the propaganda. Biden and Nato have been attacking Russia for DECADES. The Russians literally have nothing left to lose and their population after decades of sanctions and wars are prepared to die.

    For reasons completely unknown, the democrats in conjunction with NATO have decided to push the worlds largest nuclear power into a corner, and foolishly think they can control the outcome.
    All eyes need to be on this, else, there will be WWIII, it will be hot, and it will be on your doorstep much sooner than you can imagine no matter what part of the world you live in. At the current rate, it's not a matter of if it kicks off. Putin has no option but to respond. When it kicks off, it will ABSOLUTELY be an existential catastrophe.

    Ukraine is not a victim. Ukraine is not the underdog. Ukraine is just NATO's new puppet and attack vector. People need to start seeing it for what it is, before it becomes what it's about to become.

  3. by the way Grandpa worked for skunk works. if you don't know what that is look it up. none of us in the family never new what he did until he died. holy f*** what I found out .he never said what you did but the bombs that that mother f*** created is the smart bomb. I have also looked into Lockheed Martin / skunkworks patents since then and I have found things that most people don't seem to understand that are devastating for the world and I'm starting to think that the patents that were put out in 2013 on condensed matter physics that pretty much nobody would understand are incredible if you know the signs I think they've had this technology for much much longer and that they had to put out the patent so they could protect themselves and I actually do know how it works and it is devastating if you were to use it for war and maybe they don't know but on the other side can change the world.

  4. This all goes back to religion and this empire just trying to keep control.The easiest way to rid ourselves of this is to get rid of the brainwashing from religion and politics connect back to the universe then we will shatter this chaos.Try and calm the ego and connect back to spirit you will see a big difference.all this government and religion is doing is distracting us from what we need to be doing.

  5. Thank you so much Russell. I really needed to hear those words today. You are a wonderful human being. I look forward to your videos every day. You rock!

  6. Lockdowns are the reason for hyperinflation, and that was always the plan. Then they can offer the digital solution to the problem they created. That's why The Banking for All Act was quietly and unanimously passed with bipartisan support right after lockdowns began, when people were highly distracted and anxious. This war is a cover story and Russia is playing the role of the scapegoat.

  7. our Country, the United States, is based on greed so there's nowhere to go but up ….. love the image thing tho, the Guardians of Democracy…freedom…more like Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Wonder why that movie was made huh………allegory for reality

  8. It’s been going on for far to long and people it’s time for a fight we must take to end this but it’s a world wide affair and we need good communication between us all

  9. Like ya, R.B. and know you weren't altogether serious saying Russia is the worst country in the world, but later you said I think we can all agree Putin and Russia are awful. No, we all do not agree with that. When you know some of the history of Ukraine and its rocky road to the present, ongoing civil war since 2014, the antagonistic relationship with Russia aided by the west, lack of cooperation with Russia all you need to do is put yourself in Putin's shoes to see he had to do something. Now, Putin may prove to be a monster if he uses nukes or attempts to swallow up European countries, not for anything he's done so far.

  10. Russell, what are you doing? Once again I/we are deeply hurt to think that you believe that we do not have the poor masses of the worlds interests at heart. Really, how can we be rich if there are now poor? How can we be powerful without the weak? It's in our best interests (and therefore yours) to supress information and keep people poor, sick and divided. This ensures that the population can concentrate on mutual distrust and hatred and let us get on with running the world. Listen and obey, all will be well.
    I now have an appointment with the grand lizard and must oil my scales before our meeting. Klaus? KLAUS? You fool, bring me the box of mice I am running late!

  11. Seeds will be our new money. I will be in the garden or out in the woods foraging if you need me. 🌱🍄🌳 Sending out love and peaceful energy to everyone reading the comment section ♡

    ♡Stay Free♡

  12. It's amazing the amount of youtube channels out there, just stating the obvious. It's the same with football channels. Someone reads a story in a newspaper and then makes a vid as "breaking news". I know Russell doesn't do the "breaking news" speil, but he does the "you were right" speil. If we were right, then why do you need to tell us? WE KNOW!

  13. Thank you, Russell. As a "non-patriotic" "American", I take no offense either. I am of Cherokee Native lineage carrying the genetic memories of what was taken away from the native peoples. I have a load of lineage also from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. No offenses taken. Doesn't "Oligarch" sound like some form of nasty bird species that doesn't fly too well and lives in a decaying enclosure destined for extinction? LOL!! 😅

  14. As an American, I love my country (i.e the people and the land) but I HATE THE GOVERNMENT!!!! Now I know that we need rules and people to help decide what rules should be law but what we get is liars trying to rule the world. It might be wrong to say but I'm saying it… We need the world to come together and shut this shit down, please take this corrupt, disgusting excuse of a government and destroy it. Even if you have to invade take them out. It would make a better America and help the world out some.

  15. I'm sick and tired of all of the corruption in the United States. We need to en masse, refuse to pay taxes anymore. We need to go colonial on the government, and say enough is enough. Why are we being taxed to death, and forced to pay extremely high prices for basic every day goods, and just standing by letting it happen? We have people in this country busting their asses daily, that can barely make ends meet, yet our stolen tax dollars are being sent, by the billions, to Israel, and now the Ukraine. Why are we allowing this to happen?

  16. If God made man in his own image an man creates AI in his own image what will AI create? Ill bet it won't be man .how can we expect not to be taken over by AI when our world an mindset is the way it is.we have a gift .

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