While You’re All Distracted By Ukraine…

How do the actions of Canada’s government around freezing bank accounts and crowdfunding services fit in with a larger global agenda to regulate and surveil cryptocurrencies?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. 1st rule of investing, never invest in anything you don't completely understand. My take on the regulation would be that some regulatory body finally decided they want their cut. However, bitcoin currently trades at $38,256 per "coin" while bitcoin cash currently trades at $275 per "coin". When two things are so similar and one trades at 275 TIMES the price of the other, it truly screams market manipulation.

  2. Wow loved it, The Security Exchange Comission are doing exactly what you have said. They have put Ripple owners on a lawsuit for selling securities to investors, although everyone knows XRP is a bridge currency that would work alongside the old system SWIFT. They will come to a settlement and milk millions out of it and off they go bullying another company.

  3. If you looked into John Stewarts podcast on the stock market and savings interest and how it's designed to only make the millionaire's/billionaire's wealthy and forcing the average American to invest (aka gamble) or suffer losing money in a savings account, is common sense. To use the Ukraine/Russian conflict as a smoke screen is pandering IMHO.

  4. World governments and our current social contracts are built on a singular , failing ideology that ever-increasing economic development, at any cost to others, will somehow solve our problems-
    The pressures of equalizing global competition , diminishing resources and exponentially increasing human demands on the system and environment are beyond the capacity of any or even all of own world governments to influence let alone repair. restore or fix.
    Authority's continued denial of facts and the consequences as well as the complete disappearance of accountability and credibility puts us all in greater jeopardy the longer we sit and watch them become ever more ineffective and incoherent.
    power vacuums and a bit of fear often creates great opportunities for ambitious and determined people if they are not opposed

  5. With decentralised blockchain tech, I could transfer $1billion from anywhere to anywhere without the interference of anybody, at a cost of a few dollars, at anytime, on any day of the week. It is portable, secure and very well developed. You can not regulate it.

  6. Perfect Title.

    I've watched you a lot over the years
    and just today I realized that you're a pretty great reporter … relevant quotes, references, and resources rarely heard elsewhere

  7. Russel! I saw your viewers climb so fast since 3 million! From 4-5 million was like a rocket!

    Now, I noticed that it’s slow down a lot.

    Seems super fuckin suspicious.

    Keep speaking your truth and we keep listening. God bless you

  8. Russell, I'm so grateful – I'm super sensitive and you trigger a healing in me everyone I watch you…it's like all the energy and inner work you are doing is transferring some kind of consciousness that triggers a healing. Im so grateful to be able to watch these videos, be informed and receive some healing in it. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️

  9. Do the digits in your checking account stand for Federal Reserve Notes or United

    States Silver Dollars or United States Notes? Nobody really knows or is held

    accountable for what those digits represent until you “denominate” them. You have a

    choice to act as a “United States Citizen” or a “citizen of the United States” or an

    American State National. You can use legal tender or you can use lawful money.

    Since 1933 the banks have been assuming that everything coming into every

    account is Federal Reserve Notes. They presume this because that is advantageous

    to them both in terms of controlling the accounts and in siphoning value out of

    them—- but you can choose to denominate funds however you choose. This is the

    back side of the “dollar for dollar” exchange rate established by Congress in 1933.

    You can write a letter to the CEO of your bank and inform him/her that all funds

    being deposited, transferred within, or transferred out of your accounts is to be

    “denominated as lawful money”— and in an atmosphere of bail-ins and seizures and

    bank closures, I highly recommend that you do so and send your letter via

    Registered Mail with a Return Receipt Requested so that you have proof that you

    have fully informed the bank.

  10. How do you keep on top of breaking news about current and controversial topics? It seems exhausting and non-stop 24/7. Thanks for all your efforts in keeping us informed regarding our freedoms. I am not a conspiracy theorist because eventually they are all proven to be true.

  11. A commercial bank exists to serve entities involved in commerce — transactions

    between incorporated entities, like General Foods buying a fleet of vehicles from Ford

    Motor Company. Such banks are all private corporate banks being used by the


    A Trade Bank exists to serve the needs of living people and small unincorporated

    businesses and associations. Such banks are public banks devoted to private use,

    but they are often described as a “Private Bank” because that’s who uses them—-

    private people, private businesses, private institutions.

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