Whips and Haitians and Horses oh My! The White Houses Stunningly Stupid Del Rio Response

They’re supposed to ride saddle-free like comanche warriors I guess:


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#Illegals #DelRio


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  1. Wouldn't Comanche warriors be worse? The had sawed off shot guns from civil war sawed off shot gun brigades and buying and trading from uhhhh white people and immigrants….and plenty of ammo. They wouldn't waste a bullet on someone trespassing on their land. Not even other tribes. They were notorious killers and slave traders. They would've rounded you up like and animal , if they didn't shoot you from miles away.sreal your stuff and sell it. Like a crack addict today. Yep Just like now. You can visit but you can't stay or live here. But border, buy a plane ticket and rush agents and you're set. Medical, education,housing,transportation, but citizens…good luck getting benefits if your white or European, Australian and have part time job. You make to much or didnt lie . Which it seems is only way to get medicaid, foodstamps, or even reduced medical care, can't get kid in better school because their white, pretty sad for citizens born and living here decades. But hey you can just run across break laws and get free ride. All you citizens, white black Hispanic Asian the legal system is completely flooded imprisoning you and funded and employees guaranteed jobs with your personal drug use charges. Funny how as a citizen they will hold YOU ACCOUNTABLE. But these law breakers get free ride. Never pay taxes never report to court and can spit out more kids that will be our the citizens responsibility to pay for because the parents won't. All u.s. citizens should Refuse to pay taxes, if its legal for these millions it must be legal for the rest. Such bullshit.

  2. we train a horse so that it will behave properly and we use a few tools to do it…………just like we discipline our children so they will learn how to behave in adult society……but some folks think that saddling and bridling a horse and using a "bit" are inhumane and cruel practices…..they probably don't discipline their own kids either.

  3. Why is the Biden administration now pushing to eliminate the Remain In Mexico policy? Remain there as you apply for political asylum….I think that's a good thing. It's a deterrent and that's just fine with me.

  4. The reins are long and are used to slap back on the horse's hanches and side to help direct them ANYONE that rides horses knows this. Watch a freaking western movie if you need to. This is all a bunch of horse shit. They have nothing so they make much ado about nothing.

  5. Nope, they are letting them into Texas, Biden is lying again. At one time BP employed Native tribes on horseback to watch the Border. I don't know why they stopped employing them. Some tribes like my own have a long bloody history with Mexicans here in Cali, remember the Missions?.

  6. If someone should be “held accountable” for doing their job at the border then I offer the following:
    Drone strikes
    LtCol Kurt Schiller USMC was relieved of command (within 24 hours) for demanding on social media that people be held accountable for the Afghanistan debacle. Then we drone striked 10 people (at least) including 7 kids and…. You guessed it. No one was held accountable.
    – meanwhile we’re preparing to court marital active duty personnel for refusing to take the a forced vaccination. Because… accountability.
    – Perhaps everyone in the CoC who authorized that drone strike should be treated the same as the junior enlisted who just don’t want a shot.
    This is just more cronyism employing the “Rules for Thee but not for Me.” Method.

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