“Whispers” Of Hillary 2024 Are Happening Says CNN

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  1. The Witch going to still try???

    Just when i thought Pelosi has already clenched and bagged the title of The Wicked Witch of The West…

    Here comes Hilary to challenge it.



  2. ive been saying this for 2 years. except when joe is tossed aside, vp kammy will pick hitlery as her new vp. Then something will happen to kammy in like…4 months and Hitlery will be president with out being elected !!!
    do not put it passed the new liberal democrats.

  3. if they can rig it for biden and bush.. why not clinton? elections are a scam.. keeps you quiet for 4 years. but they dont represent you.. they exploit you..

  4. trumps legacy is a rigged primary (vs sanders) followed by a rigged general (vs biden) .. trumps legacy is biden.. a national disaster of epic proportions.. all while trump was a sitting president.. your certifiably nuts if you want to take a giant leap backwards and put trump back in office.. the ONLY solution is third party..

  5. They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing, over and over again, but expect different results. If the DNC runs her as presidential candidate, it will be official, the DNC is certifiably insane. We are so past due for needing a third party that we need a forth and fifth now!

  6. all i can say is that anything that has to do with that evil, murdering witch Hillary Clinton is fake, garbage news because believe it or not, the fact remains that Hillary Clinton is dead. Put to death 2 years ago at Gitmo! The shocking truth is coming real soon, i hope you people are prepared for it. Many people from hollywood, music industry, big business and political figures have been put to death also. if your not awake you soon will be

  7. All the rock and rollers are more mad that roe v Wade is turned even though they can just go to another state they're mad because they might have to own up to all them kids they be aborting

  8. To be fair, who else do they got? Supply Chain Buttigieg? They'll Spiro Agnew Kamala so they can replace her with Crooked Hillary & 25th Amendment Joe. Voila, president Hillary.

  9. It’s sad because 2020 had a LOT of women candidates, and Tulsi, Marianne, even Elizabeth Warren who I’m not fond of because of her establishment ties, were all so much more well liked by the voter base than Kamala Harris or Hilary Clinton ever will be. But they always insist on propping up the most pro-police, pro-war, pro-corporate money women in the party, it’s disgusting

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